Keeping a fushia going in zone 3

caro123_gw(3NH)April 29, 2012

Probably about to buy another Fushia-just cause the hummers like them.However I live in Zone 3.Is there anyway to overwinter them in the house or an unheated garage.I did read the sticky but just wondering how many people have had any success doing this.Take cuttings-save seeds-which is best?

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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

This year I had a fridge in the garage just for my gardening use. I put 5 fuschias in there for the winter. When I took them out they looked oh so dead, but I trimmed them a little, watered them, and put them in a north window. Two leafed out right away. After more than a month, I tossed 2, thinking they were dead. The 3rd one I would have tossed, but I had thrown a couple of spinach seeds in the pot to see how it would grow indoors. Left for 2 weeks and came home to find that fuschia with 3 inch long sprouts on it. Oh how I wished I hadn't tossed out the other 2!

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I tried to save a mandevilla over winter in the house and it also looks dead dead but went to throw it out so I could use the pot and there are some large white tubers in there although all the roots look dead so decided to leave it alone and water and see what happens.Plants are just sooo expensive to just toss if you don't have to.I do have an unheated garage-well it actually is heated but I'm not wasting oil on heating it and a back entry that has an old chest freezer but not sure that this area is any protection
from freezing cold temps.I have had luck overwintering a fire begonia and have several cuttings growing from it.I love fuschias and they last pretty much all summer up here in Northern NH so might give it a go trying to save one thru the winter.

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