When Imps get busy ....

gardengimp(9B Seminole Cnty FL)March 14, 2012

So what does an imp do when busy???

In between dealing with more family medical visits than I ever thought possible, even the poor male doggie with his annual bout with bleeding ulcers ....

[thankfully my own physical challenges have been rather well behaved as of late ... so long as you discount the repetitive motion injury in the weight bearing arm]

After another $$$$ year with the dog who eats anything that smells good, we have paid to remove the neighbors camphor tree. As well as yet another laurel oak trying to die out and fall on a neighbor. So I have another mountain of mulch that is being spread around the pathways. (no pictures, sorry!)

I undertook to build proper g'imp friendly raised beds in the back section. I foolishly thought it would only take a week or so. HA-HA-HA-HA.

I love them though. Ready to do the same to some of the beds in the front. Built in benches are just so very nice.

The center bed is now just totally loaded with various semi-shade veggies ready to harvest.

Speaking of harvest --- this not.a.winter has been just what the fledgling edible grower needed to gain a bunch of confidence. And to learn and execute the putting away of the abundant harvest. I am so very thrilled.

Our Orlando Eggplant (which is planted in a raised bed) has been giving us fruit all winter. Brocco-flower from Elizabeth and Ronn was one of our top favorite broccoli (along with Happy Rich from Johnny's). Dwarf Champion tomato seeds from Tom (nCath) are hands down the champion for growing in my front yard gardens. Well behaved, healthy plants giving us fresh tomatoes all winter. The Green Zebra from Silvia are one of hubs favorite (along with Dr. Carolyn and Cherokee Purple).

Hubs blood pressure is scary high, so he is becoming more interested in healthy fresh eating. Which launches me into figuring out more ways to extend the fresh from the garden meals.

Our small pond is strategically located just outside our in-home office windows. A soothing spot for hubs to take a short break from the stresses of his job. Over the winter, it started developing a few issues. Culminating with a leak. So it is being reborn; slightly bigger and better ....

I finally took the leap and started some classes I've been interested in. Weeeee!

and just started this month:

Keeping busy; mentally and physically, has sure improved my sleep habits :) Less late nights setting in front of the computer and less interacting with friends at GW. My wonderful in-laws got me an iPad (so I would be able to help them with theirs, and to have easily transported reading material as I haul them around to medical visits). I've been lurk-a-by reading. The ipad 'keyboard' is just more pita than I usually want to type a post with though.

So, Hi! Everybody!

Norm, my staghorn is doing great. And I'm glad you are enjoying the cuban oregano. I'll be happy to bring cuttings for anybody who is interested to Silvia's.

Oh, and Tom - Ricky is just the bomb. He is so handsome.

Alrighty, time to bring this quarterly update to conclusion.

Nice chatting with you all!


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whgille(FL 9b)


You have been very busy! First I would like to congratulate on your diploma, you are officially an expert now.

Those beds are going to be easier for you to work on, we all have to think of easier ways to do things.

Good to know that you had a successful season and planning for the next, the more we garden, the better it gets!


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Everything looks great, Dianne! Congratulations on the diploma!

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ibarbidahl(9 (tampa-ish))

Sorry to hear you have to re-work your pond. That is not a fun project, but will be rewarding when finished. It's looking great!


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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Wow Dianne! You can tell you've been doing a lot of STUFF! It looks fantastic. As it fills in, it is going to be gorgeous!

Carol M. in Jax

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Amazing accomplishments, Dianne! I would love to take the master naturalist courses myself. Did you enjoy your classes? What are you going to put in your pond when you are done? Maybe someone can bring you something to the swap...I dunno...a lily or something.

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gardengimp(9B Seminole Cnty FL)

The pond - is finally holding water. All the intakes and outputs are working properly. The various and asundry implements of pond fixing no longer litter our front porch. Half dozen canaries were still swimming around at dusk when I last checked on them.


Of course, a water garden is like all other gardens - it is never really done. I ran short on rock, so need to go get some more. Going to add a few dwarf papyrus on the back side of the pump box. I may even try growing something edible on the lid of the pump box.

But first, the veggie patch is hollering for attention!

Tina - I've only taken the Uplands Habitat class so far. But I loved it so much, and learned so much - that I'm going to try to take all of them. Next up is Coastal that starts mid April. A lot of what I learned in the Uplands class really does apply to our own gardens.


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

After 30 years my above ground pond is falling apart Trying to think of something that will temporarily hold the fish and plants Will have to be rather large as there are at least a dozen 12 inch GF as well as some gigantic W. lillies Thinking of a vinyl kids swimming pool as the cheapest method Anyone have other suggestions??
Not sure if there will be toxic issures with the vinyl?? thanks gary

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Your pond looks great. Nice Work.

Sorry Gary I can't think of anything better. :o)

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Gary, how about a livestock watering tank? Marsha/MaNature did one a few years ago as a backyard fish pond and it worked great. I think she sealed the seams before filling it but don't recall that she did much prep. She stacked bricks around the outside. It was beautiful.


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