luxrosaJanuary 11, 2011

I'm very interested in acquiring a jasmine that my neighbor admired when he was living in Greece. He said that one type of white flowering jasmine that was grown there, was far more fragrant than "Poets Jasmine" that we both grow here.

Can anyone tell me what is the name of that jasmine? Since he has only seen it growing in a hot climate, I would guess it is less hardy than Poets Jasmine".

Thank You,


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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

I wonder if you are looking for Jasminum grandiflorum. It is less cold hardy and has flowers that are both larger and ten times more fragrant (with a much nicer quality perfume) than Jasminum officinale. I have often seen J. grandiflorum growing in warmer climates, including in Athens when I was there last summer.

Last time I checked, it was offered by Logee's. It is the single-flowered version, not the more finicky double-flowered type.

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Poet's jasmine is Jasminum officinale. It is the one most commonly grown in Italy and the Mediterranean region generally. It is hardy but only marginally ie. is damaged by frost, but VERY fragrant. It would be worth trying in central California.

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