Fuchsia growing

mrbladedude(7)April 27, 2012

Hi everyone. First post here. I have a couple questions about my Fuchsia plant and how to feed it.

I have it in a hanging basket. I have Miracle Grow 20 20 20 plant food. Water soluble. The box says 1 Tablespoon per gallon of water. But a gallon seems like too much water doesn't it? For 1 plant? So I diluted 1/2 Tablespoon in 6 Cups water and gave it to my plant. ( 1/2 Gallon is 8 Cups )

I poured half of it on one side of the plant and the other half on the other side. Nothing happened at first but after about 10 seconds water started to run out of the holes at the bottom of the pot. 3 streams ran for about 10 seconds and then just 1 stream trickled for a while.

Did I over water?

Did I mix correctly?

I plan on doing this every 7 - 10 days. In between days I will just use regular water when the plant needs it. So I am only "feeding" it once a week or so.

Is this method good? Anything else you recommend? I attached 2 pictures so you can see the size.



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Also does anyone know what the other plant is that's sharing the pot with the Fuchsia?


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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

I think the other plant is Helichrysum petiolare, sometimes called licorice vine. I'm not positive though. Can you take your pot down to water it? I'm not sure you are getting the soil wet enough when pouring the water through the top. I would think in your climate you would need to get the soil totally moist each time you water. If you could set the pot in a bucket and let it soak the water that runs out back up, that might work better for you. If you can't get it down easily (and if it continues to grow well you won't be able to later) you will have to pour the water through several times. Now as to the fertilizing question...I think you have mixed the Miracle-Gro solution too strong. Mix it weaker and use it more often. To water my hanging pots, I usually try to water with plain water first...then when the soil is damp, add water with fertilizer. If you water with fertilizer when the soil is dry, it just runs through without being soaked up.

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The recommendation is to fertilize weakly, weekly :-) Half strength for any of the 'blue' water soluble types. With hanging basket fuchsias you do not want to let the soil dry out....it should stay evenly moist at all times.

And yes, that is Helichrysum petiolare sharing the pot. Odd choice for a fuchsia basket...licorice plant likes a lot more sun and a lot less water.

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So what would you recommend mixing in a watering can to water the Fuchsia? The Miracle Grow 202020 box says 1 TBS per Gallon of water. So I should mix 1/2TBS per Gallon correct? And then how much of that Gallon should I add at a time? And how often should I add it? Some say weekly. Some say every time you water. If I leave the water in the can it is going to get very hot. Is it bad for the plant to give it warm water?

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I'd use the entire gallon. You want to make sure it is thoroughly moist. Trickle it in slowly. Warm water is fine. Half strength fertilizer weekly.

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