please help on lily of the valley!

kojchamayJanuary 19, 2013

I got a lily of the valley in a pot 2 weeks ago. When I received it had nice blooming flowers. However, only a few days after that it started to look wither and very dry.

Please help me! It's the first time I ever take care of a flower and all the instruction is in Japanese.

I live around Tokyo. These day it is less than 10c celcius (around 50F). I always turn the heater in my bedroom on so I put it in the kitchen for a few days but the kitchen is very small so I moved it back to my bedroom. My bedroom is around (26C) 80F warm and the flower seemed even more dry. So again, I put it outside at my balcony that faces towards the south (direct sunlight exposure). But it doesn't do any good.

At first I watered 2-3 times/week when I put the plant indoor. Now I put it outdoor and someone told me I should
water everyday in the morning.

Now the plant does not look healthy! The nice bloomy flowers look withered and some leaves became yellow. PLEASE HELP ME!

Q1. Should I put the plant indoor or outdoor?
- I only have 1 room indoor (temperature = 26celcius/80Fahrenheit)
- Outside now is around 10celcius/50F

Q2. How often and how much should I water?

Q3. How long will the flower bloom? (Mine bloomed for around 2 weeks now)


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How the flower looks now after 2 weeks...

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This should be outside, it needs moisture and cold.. the flowers don't last forever, maybe they would have lasted longer outside but I don't think there's anything wrong with it maybe the sudden heat of the house boiled it a bit.When the flowers fade leave it outside and water it all summer till the leaves die around september-october, then pull away the yellow leaves and you'll see new green pips underneath! It will rebloom next spring

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hi & welcome to Gardenweb! I agree with Fenius, LOV blooms annually, then that's it until next year.

Every day sounds like it's probably way too much water. When it's mostly dried out, then it's time to add more. Does the pot have a hole in the bottom for extra water to escape?

Do you have somewhere in the ground to put it outside, or do you mean your other option is to put it outside in the pot?

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That plant was either grown somewhere where it was under a controlled environment to trick it into thinking it was spring or came from an area where spring truly exists.

It beautiful though and enjoy it while you can.

It will need a dormant period so once next fall comes back, I would leave in outside in a pot in a protected arae or in the ground. It will grow like weeds in the ground and make a great ground cover.

Beware of the spot where you will put it. It can be very invasive and hard to kill if you want a clean space for other plants.



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