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Barb_GA(z8)April 1, 2005

"Colorful bell-shaped flowers on pendulous branches. Wonderful in pots and hanging baskets. Hummingbirds love it" . . . so says the tag. It also says Fuchsia x hybrida. The flowers are a beautiful "hot" pink with purple.

My questions are: in Zone 8, can I plant this outside, if so can it stand all-day sun? If I have to keep in in the pot, may I hang it on the porch (south side of house) in sun? How easy is it to root, and how? I've had one of these before and killed it dead as a doornail. (Had it in a pot on front porch in shade) Don't want this one to suffer the same fate. DH brought me this one the other day; said he just liked it and knew I would. He's right again! I just need all the information you can give me to keep this beautiful plant alive. The leaves and vines, by the way, look similar (to me) to our southern wild honeysuckle vines and leaves. Thank you for your help.

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tightathome(Yorks - UK)

Hi Barb

Some of your questions are outside my range of knowledge, however I can maybe help on some of them.

With regards to planting this plant outside I think you could but I am not sure about overwintering it (someone will know though).

If you intend keeping the plant in a pot on a sunny porch I would suggest that you put the plant container inside another container and fill the gap with gravel, this will allow you to water the gravel and help keep the roots cool. You will need 2 fairly big pots to do this as your plant will put on a lot of growth.

The plant will respond better if you can give it some form of shade during the hottest part of the day.

Sorry that I can't be of much help but the link below might be worthwhile looking at.


Here is a link that might be useful: fuchsia x hybrida

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Tightathome, thank you! I especially like the idea of the double pots; never thought of that, and the link is excellent. GBU!

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