11 hanging baskets alive, inside, for 3 wks

helenoreApril 25, 2013

Hi All!

Spring here in St. Paul, MN is very late this year; our first 50ð day is today, and 60's and low 70's this weekend. (We had several inches of snow on Monday night that has almost all melted.)

Today at Menard's, I nabbed 11 hanging baskets of Dollar Princess fuchsias which they were selling for $1 each (reduced in price since no one could hang them outside and they were getting sad looking.) I've read up on this forum about not over-watering and not giving them too much direct sunlight, and I think I have a system worked out.

I thought I'd bring them outside in the morning for about an hour, then move them to the north side of the house (shaded all day) then into the sun again in the late afternoon, then in the evening I'd bring them into the enclosed front porch, which will stay warm-ish all night. Is this a good plan? Or will they hate all that moving?

Please show me the errors in my plan. My biggest question is how cold is too cold to have them outside? I'm about to bring them in now because I just checked and it's 43ð. Later this afternoon when it's 50ð I plan to bring them out, again.

Can I leave them out 24/7 once the frost danger is over (which is around May 15 here, I think)?

My son's high school graduation open house is in Mid-June and I'd like to keep them alive that long. :) I'm not too savvy with plants, so I'll appreciate your help a bunch!



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Hell's bells, anyone who loves Fuschias that much deserves a great big kiss....... Hope you get some better weather. One of the problems of growing "lady's earrings" in your part of the world is that it goes so quick from freezing to baking. Try and keep them well watered and shaded during the summer. I always found that rather then try and keep big plants alive over winter it was better to take some cuttings in early summer then keep them in the house when frost was due till you could plant them out again. - Ian.

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