Fall Foliage To Share?

thinman(Z5 MI)October 21, 2010

We are definitely past our color peak up here in northern Michigan, and are getting pretty close to bare branches. I got a pretty good shot last week of leaves on one of our pear trees that decided to be flaming red this year.

How's the color in your neck of the woods? Can you show us?


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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

We don't get many fall foliage pics. But here's what is blooming right now.

Confederate rose (hibiscus mutabilis)

Heritage rose

Brugmansia Dr. Seuss

Repeat bloom iris

Butterfly vine

Again, I cheated and used last year's pics. I can't use the camera well. I will have my first cataract removed 10/27.

Fall is the best planting time in south central TX.

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Your pear tree leaves are beautiful, Thinman! We don't get a lot of color here as have few deciduous trees and the ones we have turn yellow only. All the tree leaves have fallen now altho my roses still have leaves and flowers and are slow to form hips.

Plantmaven, sending good wishes re: your upcoming surgery. I'm sure you'll be glad to be able to use your camera again.

This is my most colorful maple of the two in my garden - last month, now bare. The deer had already nibbled it a bit here.

Here's the link to 2 more of my fall pics almost a month ago. Grass is still green but most perennials have seeded or been cut back so it's looking bleak.

Here is a link that might be useful: my fall pics

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thinman(Z5 MI)

Pretty pics, Schoolhouse. Are those blackberry leaves in the second one? Ours went deep red this fall, and I used a few stems in a little dahlia bouquet, though not without getting poked in the fingers a couple of times.

Kathy, I didn't expect that you Texans would have any fall foliage to brag about, but your flowers more than make up for it. They are beautiful. The best of luck to you next Wednesday. I understand that it's pretty routine nowadays, though not for the patient, I'm sure.

Luckygal, around here, where the fall color is usually great, we still ooh and ahh over the reds. Your little maple is a beauty, and so are your fall blooms. I like the purple and yellow together.


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Because of the weather we've had this year the fall color is nothing like last years so I didn't take any photos. TM the color on your pear tree certainly has the wow factor.

Schoolhouse, those are lovely pictures of the fall color you've taken in your garden.

Kathy, you might not have fall color but you certainly do have some beautiful blooms. I had cataract surgery a couple of years ago, the actual removal of the cataracts only takes a few minutes, the longest part is the prep where they keep putting drops in your eye while you're sitting waiting your turn in the assembly line, one goes in as one comes out with a patch over their eye LOL. Putting drops in your eye for the next week or so is a nuisance but what the heck. Everyone is a little apprehensive before getting the first eye done but once you've been through it once the second time around is really a piece of cake, honestly you don't feel anything outside maybe a little pressure and the whole deal is over in no time at all. When you see how improved your vision is you'll be chomping at the bit to get the second eye done, up here it's about a 6 month wait.

Luckygal, some more lovely fall color, I love the contrast of the maple and the lambs ear in what looks like a country setting, makes me just a wee bit envious.


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aimeekitty(9-10, SW 18)

I'm still tempted by Brugmansia!

I don't really have any fall changing colors, either. but I'm going to try to add more this year. I got one Sedum Autumn Joy to try out and I'm tempted by Amsonia.

Here's a couple pics from my gardens this week

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Fall color here spreads over quite a while. Some things have lost their leaves but some have just barely stared showing color. The ash tree in the backyard is one of the earliest thing to color here. It lost all its leaves this week.

This picture of it was on Oct 11

All those leaves are now here:

Guess what we'll be doing tomorrow?!

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thinman(Z5 MI)

Annette, you never know what you're going to get, do you?

Aimeekitty, I think I recognize the clematis in your second pic, but what on God's green earth was the first one? Nice!

WoodyOak, I think the ash leaves are almost prettier on the ground than they were on the tree. They look beautiful with your cool little garden house.


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aimeekitty(9-10, SW 18)

TM, the first one is scadoxus multiflorus (Blood Lily) :) the clematis is Jackmanii

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

I missed the peak of our fall color because i had the flu for 2 weeks. When i finaly felt up to it my dh and i went to a local nature trail for a long walk thru the woods. I dont think there were too many good leaves left on the trees but i got a couple of pics i liked!

this tree was unique because it reminded me of twins with there backs to each other...

This was a pretty but dried creek bed

I really like checking out different barks on trees!

I also love moss, it is just so pretty!

I wish i had taken a pic of my sassafras tree when it had more leaves, but its nice anyway!

this was the tree last year! i love the way everyyear the leaves are different.

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Yes, Thin. The vine with thorns is a blackberry or a wild bramble berry. Not sure as there is a mix of both down there.
The red berries are from a multi-floral.

lily, wish I had a trail near me to walk on Fall days, or any day for that matter. Very pretty.

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thinman(Z5 MI)

Lilyfinch, you poor kid, two weeks with the flu! Glad it's over now. Nice photos. The sassafras tree is a beauty, and you make a good point about the leaves being different every year. The pear tree I posted is usually not the bright red you see in the pic.

Thanks for sharing.


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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

TM, I'm so glad you started this thread.

Everyone's photos are beautiful. Fall is probably my favorite time of year and we've tried to plant the gardens to keep interest going well into November. Here are some pictures from the past couple weeks.

I started amaranthus from seed. Now the juncos and chickadees hang on them and eat the seed.

I love the skies of Oct with the sharp angles of light especially with dark clouds.

You just gotta' love turkeys!

I'm pretty lucky that I don't get mildew on the peonies. The fall color on them is beautiful.

The front slope with roses, barberry, spirea and goldenrod.

I got lucky in the backyard with the fall foliage color match of a viburnum and deutzia.

It's hard to believe but the zinnias are still blooming like crazy. This is a picture with a tri-flower maple.

We have a lot of japanese maples in this area. The tree in the foreground is our new Katsura just planted today!
OK, I'll stop now! LOL! I just love fall and tend to take picture after picture of the changing colors.
Thanks for looking!

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thinman(Z5 MI)

Susan, wow! What a beautiful string of photos. Planting the amaranthus where it would drape over your deck railing was a great idea. And the light in that last shot of your steps was absolutely perfect. What a shot! Thank you for sharing your beauty with us.


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lois(PA Zone 6)

Huskers Red penstemon.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Never say die...

I found this wee bit of fall color :).


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thinman(Z5 MI)

Lois - nice red leaves ! Penstemon is one of the many plants I haven't grown. I think I should give it a shot.

You found some, Annette! And a great color it is, too. Good perseverance.


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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Fantastic fall pics everyone!

-lilyfinch, that leaf resting on the moss is a wonderful shot. Worthy of being framed even!

-Susan, Thanksgiving dinner!!! Lol. Didn't know you had amaranthus. I agree with TM that it is perfect weeping over your deck. I particularly like the viburnum and deutzia ;-)

I am kicking myself for not getting a few more good fall color shots before I left on my trip last week. By the time I got back most of the leaves had fallen and many things had gotten black from frostbite!

Here is a pic about first or second week of Oct. Flame maples in the back there. Love how each tree is a slightly different color.


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lois(PA Zone 6)

TM, I have seeds, if you wannem. Christinmk, love that flame maple.

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thinman(Z5 MI)

Christinmk, you have to love maples in the fall. We have a lot around here and they just make a great display. Yours are super.

Lois, thanks very much for the offer. I'll give you a shout if I decide to try them.


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So many beautiful pictures! It's so much fun to see autumn, from all different parts of the country :)

I took a few pictures last night. It's supposed to rain some more, so this is probably the last of the aspen leaves.

The horses were sure enjoying the sunshine, yesterday!

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Wow what a lot of dazzling fall foliage!
A couple from my garden. Rhus 'Tiger Eye'is a stand out.

Spirea 'Magic Carpet' and persicaria 'Firetail'

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thinman(Z5 MI)

Pretty aspens and horses, Lavender Lass. You have a very nice piece of land there and I'll bet you enjoy it every single day. Aspens are the always the last of the pretty leaves around here and ours are looking like yours right now.

Michelle, your gardens are outstanding. The Tiger Eye sumac really jumps out at you at this time of year, and the range of colors in the spirea is so pretty. Nice choice of photos to share with us.

Thank you both for showing us your beautiful things.


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b2alicia(zone 5 Westminster)

Oops! I think I meant to put my fall pictures here, but I put them in another thread instead!
I hope it's ok to put them here too.

best fall color this tree ever had.... is it an ash tree?

left to right-
iris, sedum,(dunno what that is in front of the sedum), peony, lady's mantle, obedient plant.

does anyone know what kind of rose this is?

sedum, right?

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Definitely sedum.

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What is that green stuff in the vase with the purple flowers??

Gorgeous pictures everyone,TFS

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I posted this on the GW KT, but should have posted here.

Toadstools in an apple tree knot hole:

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b2alicia(zone 5 Westminster)

Thanks, mnwsgal! I thought so!

Kathi, those are the stalks of the obedient plant. I've added a few more pictures that might show them a little better.

Wonderful pictures everyone!

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Gorgeous pictures, thank you! Won't go into detail with our fall colors which mainly consists of leaves turning a kind of yucky yellow before falling off with the first frost. However, the weather is beautiful and warm with cool nights and lots of stuff blooming, I love this time of year!

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