Rosey! Let me know if you want to go.

meyermike_1micha(5)January 21, 2013

Yes, I know you love fragrant plants and this opportunity only comes up once a year.

If you or infact, anyone here who lives locally would like to go to the Orchid Show and see some of the most fragrant plants to date, let alone be able to buy them at a great price, let me know and maybe we can work something out that we could go together or catch up somewhere.

It will ne in New Hampshire just over the border only ten minutes from me.

Rosey, it's great to see you back. I was about to ask you where you have been but you showed up in the knick of time. You don't have an e-mail either.
Mine is


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Mike, I'm not absent purposefully. Have been putting a lot of time in at work recently and it's led to a severely reduced degree of visiting my 2 favorite sites. (here and the wet-canvas).

anyway, if I seem to disappear - it's not you, it's me. :D my personal email is:

As for the orchid show - what a great idea! only In being worried about the impending snow storm (friday night) - I've already made plans with my friends in Malden, to avoid the mess of me driving to chelmsford to do the friends hang-out there.

I didn't tell anyone but ... I bought my first orchid 2 weeks ago. (it's not a smelly one though... ) Now I've said it - I'll have to take a picture. and I haven't killed it yet, either...

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Rosey, you, never..:-)

I assumed you were very busy since I do realize this is one of your favorite hang out spots, but it's Olympia I have been concerned about.
I hope she has been ok. She just fell off these forums like right over a cliff.
Olympia, if you see this, let us know you are alright, please?

Rosey...It is not this weekend. That is the good news.
It's next weekend on February the 2nd and 3rd.
I plan on going first thing Saturday, there when they open to see everything fresh and avoid the huge crowds that follow about an hour after they open.

Now, you will have to make room for one of the most fragarant and delicious orchids that you can't buy anywhere aound here! lol

I also e-mailed you:-)


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Mike, DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA THIS TIME! I can't wait to see some pictures.

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ay-yah... if it's gonna be all that, I may even charge up my camera battery and bring mine.

Ok, Mike - barring announcements of bad weather - you're definitely tempting me to give up my saturday morning sleep in. Just don't tell me I have to be someplace at 7 am ... I have a hard enough time doing a 5:30 am wake up during the week - if that's the expectation for Saturday ... I don't know how happy I'll be to see you. :)

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Is this a different orchid sales and show from the one in link provided ? N.H.Orchid Odessy 2013 or is the right side schedule times a mis print ?

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Well, upon looking at the schedule for this show Rosey, it seems that it is the weekend of February 8, 9, 10!!!

So we have two weeks to prepare and hopefully it will be much warmer by then and I will have saved a few thousand dollars by

We will work something out. Get plenty of rest by then since we will be there a half hour before the doors open on either

Don't you just HATE this weather!?

Rhizo....Great idea! Lol. Yes, this time I will and by the way, if you want an Orchid, let me know! I'll be e-mailing you soon:-)

Here is a link about the show.


Here is a link that might be useful: Orchid show

This post was edited by meyermike_1micha on Thu, Jan 24, 13 at 9:50

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I want to go, too... Will you take photos, names and scent descriptions for me pleaaaaseeeeeeeeeee????

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??? a few ??? thousand ??? dollars in orchids????

Mike - are you giving up your sleeping spot again? That's a LOT of plants!

I may buy one ... maybe two ... but if I spend more than $200 on plants, somebody gotta stop me because I definitely don't have room for them.

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Mike, are you inviting your mom to come? :)

She might enjoy the flower show, and if she sees you buying so many plants, maybe she can talk you out of buying all of them.

I think I'm going to put a 2 plant limit on myself. I know I have the ability to choose the 2 favorites - and stick to those. (Because I've got will-power.) :D

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I'll prove my will power...

with a quote.

"Just because you like something, doesn't mean you should buy it."

and I'll give you a story. When I was a little girl (think young, half toothless, and hair in braids, and I had bangs... UGH!) anyway - when I was young, I really REALLY wanted a horse. I begged and pestered and bothered my parents. I read every horse book I could find, I learned how to draw horses and squiggled them into notebooks instead of taking notes at school. I dreamed about them, and all that... but, still my parents said no. I got a little older and I still would ask. Every year on my birthday, I'd say I wanted one... and finally one day, my dad said "maybe"... which I translated as "yes"... and that led to more drawings and more books and more dreaming and more pestering because maybe didn't mean yes.

And then I grew up. To this day, I remember wanting a horse and the lesson of what "maybe" really means - it doesn't mean yes even with pestering...

And, it taught me the lesson that even if I want something, doesn't mean I can (or should) have it.

When I think back on it - we lived in the country but didn't have a barn. Where would I put a horse? and how would I have taken care of it, fed it or any of the other things. yes, while it was a nice dream - it was quite appropriate that my dad didn't ever move past saying "maybe" because I didn't have the responsibility to really know how to care for a horse by myself.

Anyway - all this said - If I know I can't fit them, I won't be buying more plants than can fit into my apartment. want does not equate to need. :) And I would need a huge apartment - if I were buying more than 2 or 3 plants... because they won't fit.

(and THIS is why I'm not as plant addicted as the rest of you guys. there's no point to my buying a dozen plants to have them not 'thrive' in my tiny place.)

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So that means - best 2. :)

and I mean it. ;)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Rosey,

Best 2?

Best 3?




ps... I also had a father that did the "maybe" expression when i was a little girl.. I wanted to stop at all of the great rock quarries when traveling to MA form VA. I would see beautiful slate, granite and even cat tails.. I would always ask to stop so i could pick up a few rocks and things.. He would say "maybe"..

So when i had kids and we would drive by the cotton fields, sunflowers or anything interesting, i would pull over and let them see the flowers...

Take care,

Have fun at the show!!!


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Laura, to funny! I love rocks too! And living in mass, I'm surrounded by them. I had a huge granite rock behind my house, growing up ... That was my place to go when I wanted to be alone... Yes, absolutely love boulder formations, and rock debris shifted by the old and long gone glacier. My dad, didn't always stop either... But sometimes he did.

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Using "Maybe" in a sentence that maybe a reason to increase orchid show purchases beyond the space allowed intentions or goal.

Maybe Mike M will proficiently re-pot any/all orchids you buy while there, maybe this extended service will be a good lesson for him as he did post the wrong time schedule.

Maybe this blurb will work

Rosey: While your there remember nice things also come in small packages and orchids are (at times) one of them small things too.

But after reading how Mike will save 1000's before the show I would think maybe Mike will add a small pot or two to his orchid show shopping list too.

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I'm not to worried cause mikey will buy everything and there'll be nothing left for me. :)

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Wes, you made my day..lololol Haha.. in needed a good laugh

Rosey, are you with us?

Laura, I wish you could come with us! Oh, you would add quite a few to your collection and those handmade pots they make, well, you would spend spend
Good to see you again! Been wondering where you are.

Rosey, did I tell you there will be horses for sale too.? Lol I love the story and don't you worry!Mom is thinking about it now. :-)

Now we have to get Olympia back!


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Horses? Then I'm definitely going!

Can I have a horse?

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A horse in comparison could fit at least 45 orchids
As 45 Orchids are more than 2 or 3 Orchids in space requirements then your having a horse is....

..... definitively a maybe

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well, since my one and only orchid is growing this strange thing out of her side - I may need to get a replacement - If it keeps growing she's going to be so warped, she wont be able to stand up straight in her pot.

The poor lil thing - I had bought her because she was tiny - in a 3 inch pot. And now she's got this huge thing growing out of her. Will I need to upgrade her pot? I thought that orchids could stay in small pots for a long time... was I wrong on that thought?

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