Successive bloom jasmine vines?

princesspea(sunset14)January 16, 2014

Hi all,

My sweet husband loves the scent of jasmine (vining varieties) and has asked if I can plant it around his summertime outdoors office . In our area there are many available to grow outdoors but all seem to bloom once a year and then be done. I wonder if I can plant the trio of J. Polyanthum, J. Stephanese, and J. Officianale for a longer bloom time? Any other ideas? Should I add confederate jasmine also?
Things are appearing in our garden centers here in California where we are having a nice drought, heat wave and wildfires. May as well make the best of it.


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Why not?
I would plant them all in pots. Seperately tho.
They tend to get big and the roots will choke each other out after a year or two, so just pot them in a good potting mix and put 3 pots outside of the window.
They should do fine, I have Confederate jasmine "Madison" planted in various areas outside, one in front of a window, and I am always trimming it.
Madison is evergreen, blooms white fragrant flowers iun May and June, and if you keep trimming it, it will bloom even later.

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phoebe368(10a Anaheim)

Add South African jasmine (jasminum angulare) to the list. I live in Orange County, CA. It blooms in our mild winters.

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Thank you both! I will add the j. Angulare, is it at all shade tolerant?

I have lots of large pots lining my porch I can use, thanks for the tip about roots, I always forget that aspect of things .


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Pea!

Throwing in my two cents. ;)

Jasminum grandiflorum (single variety, grandiflorum blooms much longer than J. officinale however it's not as cold hardy)
Jasminum azoricum (not cold hardy so if you grow it in a pot you'll have to bring it indoors when it gets cold)
Jasminum molle (more bush like but it does send out 'whips' that you can tie to a trellis to help it 'climb', not cold hardy)
And finally Mandevilla laxa. Not a jasmine but neither is Trachelospermum jasminoides. :)


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