Started a Back up[ Gardenia cuttings]

beetle_2007(3)January 28, 2013

Hi Everyone :)

One Gardenias good....but I'm thinking two has got to be Better LOL. I started these 3 cuttings a couple days ago. Really hope they take off

Here is a pic of "Mom" I've had her three whole years :) and this year , is the best shes done Happy! [I took the cuttings, from the only non blooming growths]

I'll post pics of the fully blooming plant as well :)

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I'm kinda confused since I didn't know that one could make clippings of gardenias. do you put them in water? or in dirt? and what's that bottle thing in the middle of the picture? How long does it take to make roots?

You're going to have to detail out your process, and make scientific notes. I'd love to hear how this works out.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I had great success doing this outside last summer. Hope your attempts are as well! Totally agree, never enough Gardenias!

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Thanks for the luck wishes :) Rosied, I'm pretty sure I got these instrucktions from here [propagation forum , I think :)] but here goes. That bottle thing is a cut in half pop bottle. the top is supposed to fit over the bottom.Very important to make drainage holes on the bottom. I put starting mix in the bottom, wet it down and then made three pencil holes. Then I cut three flowerless , 4 inch sprigs from mama gardie.:)Wet the tips of these, and dip them in rooting powder, or gel.Place in holes, and carefully cover with the dirt. cover the bottom with the top, and you have a mini green house :) I haven't done this before, so I'm not sure when the roots will grow....just really hopeing they do! lol.

Will post in a week or so. ( for now, all is well, no wilting :)

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Oh wow, I too wish you well!

Now, do I see Cymbidiums growing there too? I love those.

Please do let us know how it turns out. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that not too much humidity will rot the leaves like mine did.

If you want, you may want to cut all your leaves in half too and let the cuttings focus on root growth:-)


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I can't have enough gardenias too... My vietnamese is about to flower in an hour or two! I also want to back up all of them this summer, please share your methods people!!(thanks beetle and purple) I'm missing gardenia carinata and tubifera still...

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meyermike, what a good idea with the leaves:) Thanks, and yes, that is my cymbidium, in bloom for the first time for me:)) [was in bloom three years ago when I bought it]It badly needs a repot, but I'm going to wait till after it blooms:) It is a NO id, but I gave it a nice name [I think Lol] "Coffee Cream" so that is a wee hint at what the flowers look like ;)

Hi fenius, Please could you post a pic of your vietnamese gardenia, it sounds Awesome :) around here, we really don't have a lot of choice for Gardenias,mostly Vetchie

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hey beetle, I'm posting it in blooming in february!

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Yay! :))I'll be watching :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Fenius, I did it outside, mid-summer. No idea what to tell people up north who may not have the heat and humidity. Semi-hardwood, keep moist but not soggy, dappled mostly shade until you see new growth, then ease back into sun. I also tried some much bigger, woody pieces. Since I let them get bone dry, I don't know if they would have actually lived or not. For about 2 months the leaves were green, started to look like it was growing, that was a shame. I'll try again this summer, although will probably get anxious and start in spring. Besides my error, all pieces grew, still growing, AFAIK, some have gotten under leaves outside.

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