Aything else I should order from logee's/Happy New Year!

yaslan72January 1, 2014

Happy New Year, Everyone!

This will be my first time ordering from Logee's so I am very excited! Here's my spring 2014 list:

*Jamaican Lady of the Night
*Banana Shrub
*Lady of the Night
*Chinese Perfume Plant
*Jasmine Maid of Orleans

I probably shouldn't even be asking but if anyone has suggestions for low-maintenance, blooms year-round and heavily scented fragrant flowers from Logee's then I'd be most appreciative. Also, anyone know where I can find magnolia coco?

Robert, your picture threads has required that I start a plant-fund. How am I suppose to ignore all those beautiful and fragrant flowers you and Kemistry and eveyone else posts. It makes me quite jealous lol so I am starting a collection too .

Thank you and Happy New Year!


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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Happy 2014 BO!! ROBERT!! EVERYONE !!

Gosh. Things have gotten a bit busy for me.. but I'm hoping to catch up with all of YOUs soon.

Okay Bo, yes, yes, yes, yes, and YESSS to all 5 of those plants. I haven't stalked Logee's website for a while but let me see...

-My favorites for fragrance are the Jamaican Lady and the Chinese Perfume. But the other Lady of the Night (brunf. gigantea) is so easy to live with, has a nice scent and wafts incredibly far.

-If you like the smell of Banana then Michelia figo is perfect. Grab a Rauwenhoffia siamensis too! (Similar scent. I like both.)

-I love Jasmine Maid, but maybe you could sub it for a
Jasmine Belle?? Belle's bloom lasts longer (2 days) comparing to Maid's. Belle has a stronger scent too.

Bo, you need to stop by Portland Nursery and grab a pot of Daphne! Mine has started blooming a few days ago (since Christmas). This is its 3rd season, and its jasmine-ny & ginger-ry (lol) fragrance is so beautiful. You too Robert; yes, you need to have a pot of daphne as well! Lol. :))

I wonder how fenius's daphne is doing?

Happy New Year, everyone! :)))

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Hi Kemistry!

Glad to see you here and thanks for taking time to answer my questions. I was eyeing Rauwenhoffia siamensis because it looks so much like ylang ylang but now I will definitely get that too. I'll put jasmine maid of orleans on wish list and stop by Portland Nursery for the Daphne.

I saw on one of Robert's blooming post your magnolia coco; where did you get that? The leaves are strikingly elegant and I love the flower bud. How long have you had it? I have so many questions regarding care of your fragrant flowers and how you get them to bloom. Oh and how is your ylang ylang?

Spring cannot come by fast enough but thinking about my list and stalking gardenweb and online plant nurseries sure does make time go by fast lol

May you all be overflowing with an abundance of wealth, health and happiness this new year !


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Happy New Year guys!! and welcome bo!
I'm so jealous of logges, I keep reading robert's favourite book every night!
We are really slow here kemistry, prunus&co just finished dropping leaves so daphne's buds are just beginning to swell now.. They are more than last year though!! The only new thing that half opened for me for new year day is a tiny flower on lonicera purpusii, incredible fragrance, reminded me of eleagnus (love it!)

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