Star Jasmine in Hanging Basket (?)

sootieJanuary 1, 2008

Has anyone had success in growing Star Jasmine in a hanging basket? (I have a small plant & small balcony.)

Maybe I could train it to grow (unnatural) "Down" instead of Up--by stringing weights to its few branches (?)

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It's a little slow grower that will naturally grow beautiful in a hanging basket. I have fun growing it with very little assistance and a minimum mess.

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Good to hear that, ankraras!...Thanks.
And, I figure if it starts to grow Up (into gutter),
I can always trim it back.

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I have no where to plant star jasmine, so I wanted to know if they might grow ok in a hanging basket? If I keep them pruned. Have no where to put in ground, and want them a lot! Any help????

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