looking for jasmine for container in summer

filixJanuary 23, 2007

Hello. I was looking at all the jasmine you can buy. I even planted some seeds. One came up "orange jasmine" but looks like its not going to make it. I want to buy a jasmine plant that I can put out after cold weather is gone here in z5. And then take it in before frost. I have a nice sunny spot for a 5 gallon container at my entrance to my house. So I could be welcomed buy that wonderful fragrance. I have never grown jasmine before. Thankyou.

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siliconmage(z5 NE)

I like all of the Jasmine Sambac varieties. Outside in the Spring is the easy part. Overwintering indoors will be your biggest problem which should be small. They love full sun to gloomy shade. They only get fussy with low humidity levels.

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Thanks siliconmage. How big might it get? what kind of fertilizer does it like? What pH? I know a little about overwintering. I have done others that dont seem to like it. But what it does in the summer is what matters most to me. Sambac? I will do some looking :>) Again thanks so much.

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siliconmage(z5 NE)

Well, there are 6 varieties of Sambac. The easiest I think will be the "Maid of Orleans". It can get to be very large under green house settings. ;-) I seen one fill a 50 gallon pot. a 5 gallon container will grow a good size plant. This is the variation that is used to make Jasmine tea. The "Belle of India" has larger blossoms and a different scent. It is about the same difficulty. You just have to keep the humidity above 50% or the leaves will dry out. I use general fertilizer that is high in nitrogen. They also only bloom on new growth, so trim or deadhead your spent flowers. Outside, you can leave it in full sun. It hates wet feet, but general potting soil seems to work fine.

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Where is a good place to find them? I dont think my local nursery will have them. Im looking forward to this spring! Thanks.

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You will find instructions and about different varieties of jasmines at this place.They also sell them.

Another place is logees green house.They also have curry leaf plants
Occasionally you will find them at Lowe and home depot.But there are few other mail order places.The above are two I dealt with.

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siliconmage(z5 NE)

It won't let me put in the site I use. I think my email link is available. Logee plants are smaller and cost more, but I hear they have good quality. I also don't like their privacy policy. Be sure to check out any site you use on GradenWatchDog.com.

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