Fucshia Leaf Curl

fantasylilies(9 CA)April 15, 2008

Hi! I'm new to the Fucshia Forum- I have leaf curl on the top portions of my Fucshia's in hanging baskets. They are healthy, in the shade, and I give them good soil. Anyone know why they might get drastic leaf curl??

Thanks so much,

Chris in CA

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Hi Chris sounds like you have gall mite they are from hummingbirds or even bees.
Best thing to do is trim off the infected parts throw them away and spray every 7 days with seven spray then once a month to keep it under control. Hope that helps

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fantasylilies(9 CA)

Thank you so much! I will go ahead and do that. I do have hummers visiting them every day - the smaller blossomed ones did not get it, just the larger blossoms!

-Chris in CA

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