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figgynj(Z6b, NJ)December 8, 2010

I'm thinking of experimenting this year and not wrapping my tree. It is a well established, 7 year old tree. I trim it every year but it's about 7 feet now and getting harder to wrap. Im in Ocean County, one lagoon in off the bay. It's a windy location but the temps are a little warmer than inland. Has anyone in the area had any luck with unwrapped trees?

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

I'm 2 hrs away and in a colder spot than where you are, I do have a couple that I leave unwrapped but they're planted in a good spot. I guess one question is do you have it planted in an open spot or against a structure?
Depending on your variety and your micro climate you might be okay.


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Your tree is enough old to be left without protection,but the timing is not the best,this year.
As you well know cold weather started this year very early,at about 10th of September,and tonight it will be about 18 F in my location,so:
This year looks like we are going to have a record cold winter.
So your tree might get damaged,this winter if left without protection.
I would sugest a few leaf bags ,placed at the base around your tree,as an easy resolve.
If you do not have leaf bags look around neighbourhood,and someone have them placed at the curb,for pick up.

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figgynj(Z6b, NJ)

Thanks,I decided to trim and wrap. Don't want to take a chance, i enjoy my figs too much.

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I seen a guy not far from me and all he does is bend his tree down and puts 2 pieces of plywood on each side and puts a plastic tarp on it. He says as long as it's out of the wind.His tree is about 10 feet tall

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noss(Zone 9a Lafayette, LA)

It's not surprising if what that guy does works if it's a hardy type of tree. How does he bend a tree that's 10' tall, though?

I was outside at 4AM Sunday putting sheets over the young fig trees. The wind was blowing up a gale and whipping the sheets around. I grouped the pots with the young trees together and put sheets over the three groups, pinned down to the pots and the stakes and the sheeting itself, with clothespins, and am hoping that will be enough for 27 degrees not to kill them all. Down here the temps yo-yo so much that it's nuts! What fun! :)


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