id help: Kit Oxtoby vs. Peachy

crazyforcorelli(z5 utah)May 22, 2006


I purchased a fuchsia that didnÂt have a tag identifying the cultivar. (I normally avoid these, but this one was too beautiful to pass up!) IÂve since been trying to determine the variety, and it seems to be either Peachy or Kit Oxtoby. Can anyone describe the differences between them?

Unfortunately, I donÂt have a digital camera, so I canÂt post a picture. However, IÂd describe the mystery cultivar as follows:

The double blooms of my plant are medium to large, about the same size as Swingtime. The tube and sepals are white, with green tips on the ends of the sepals; the underside of the sepals is white as well. IÂd describe the corolla as carnation pink; there is some white "marbling," as well as a pale lilac hem.

The habit is that of a lax bush. I know that this is a trait of Kit Oxtoby, while Peachy is a trailer. Nevertheless, there arenÂt a lot of blooms yet, so I donÂt know if these would ultimately weight down the branches. At any rate, itÂs not a clear trailer like Wilma Versloot or Dark Eyes.

The stems are reddish, but there arenÂt red veins on the leaves. The leaves are fairly large and rounded; theyÂre also a true green rather than the darker, forest green of Marinka and other cultivars.



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tightathome(Yorks - UK)

Hi cforc

Mike Oxtoby and Len Bielby who raised 'Kit Oxtoby' are good friends of mine and Mike describes both 'Kit Oxtoby' and 'Peachy' in his catalogue under 'Basket Varieties'.

Mike gives a good description of both, it may assist in helping you to decide which cultivar you have.

Mikes website is

Hope this helps


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