Fig tree/How old till they bear fruit

Gail1454December 16, 2012

I planted a fig and am wondering when I can expect fruit

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Just having a fig fruit on a plant rooted from cutting can happen in the 2nd summer of the plant life (though some plants may surprise you with a couple of figs in the first summer if rooted in the early winter). The 3rd summer you can expect a dozen or more figs depending on the growth pattern, summer heat and summer length. Full production peaking sometimes between the 5th and 7th year. Of course there are many variable that can change the production volume and pattern such as care or lack of it, fertilization, proper pruning etc.
Ripening of figs on the plants is a different issue.

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Two to three seasons are reasonable. Some people do not allow their trees to produce when young. It should be established first. I could not afford to do that when I started but now with more than 20 fig trees I can,

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