Jasmine Oh Jasmine - that color doesnt suit you!

sammyyummy(11)January 7, 2014


My mom recently gave me two jasmine plants. It produces yellow flowers with long tubular stalks that are highly fragrant.

I transplanted it in a pot together with the soil it came (it fit perfectly without any disruption to the root whatsoever). It was placed in a slightly shady area.

A day later I found some of the leaves have turned brown. The brown patches were sporadically scattered on the surface of the leaves. The leaves themselves do not look dried up although some that have majorly turned brown did.

What happened to my jasmine?
(I only have two and have grown to like em so im a bit panicked as to why and what I did?)
Is it sick? diseased? or just stressed from the transplant although like I said, it came with its own soil in a disposable plastic bag pot so I merely carefully removed it from the plastic sleeve and popped it into a pot (with holes etc)
What do i do? Do i repot? Leave it as is?

I provided pics...please please help.

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here's another pic showing the brown patches over the green leaves of my jasmine plant

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


Sorry to hear your plant is not doing well.
It might just be in shock and could recover and start producing new leaves.
Do you know the scientific or botanical name for your yellow jasmine?
That would help with people giving you advice.
I'm wodering if it might be a cestrum or even Pittosporum revolutum.
You said the flowers are highly fragrant. Are they fragrant during the day, night or at all times?
The more info you can give he better.

Good luck!


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I believe it is the Italian Jasmine. Tubular stalks of the yellow flowers, highly fragrant which I get to appreciate when I pass them by. (see pic with the spent bloom - the bloom was already spent prior to transplant)

When I transplanted, it was shady afternoon, no sun. They came in plastic sleeves so I merely took them off and placed them in the pot with drainage holes. The entire root ball was hardly disturbed at all. The bottom soil of the root ball was moist and it even had earth worms which I thought would be beneficial for the soil and plant. I watered it afterwards and kept it away from direct sun.

I was unpleasantly surprised to find out the morning after that some of the leaves have turned brown (brown patches on the leaves surfaces) and some have shriveled. It was upsetting as the root ball was barely disturbed. the soil was still moist and i checked it further with a soil moisture monitor and also stuck my finger down the soil as well so i didnt water it today. I tried however to loosen up the soil surrounding the root ball for fear that it drowned or something.

I love this plant and its the only one I have so i dont want to lose it. Please help

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

From the spent flower pic I'm thinking it might be a yellow gardenia, Gardenia coronata.
Once you've viewed the link we can go from there.
I do know that earthworms in pots are usually not a good idea and can do more harm than good and can disturb the roots but you can do a search online and come up with your own conclusions.


Here is a link that might be useful: Is this what the flowers look like?

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Hi Rob

Yes it is.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


I've grown Gardenia coronata before. I grew it in a fast draining soiless mix that I made myself (you can search on Gardenweb for 5:1:1 mixes).
I didn't have any issues but I got mine as a starter plant from Logee's.
Was the plant growing in the ground at your mom's or did she have it growing in a pot?
It's hard to tell from your pics but the soil mix it looks like it came in looks very peaty. It might not be fast draining enough.
If I was given the plant I would probably gently shake or wash the exisiting potting mix from the roots and start fresh with my own.
I would also cut the browning leaves in half and place the plant in a warm shady spot to see if it recovers (see if it starts putting out new leaves).
Since I'm not an expert at Gardenia coronata hopefully others will chime in now that we've figured out what you're growing. :)


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i feel like an idiot for not knowing. :(

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Well this makes me sad. :(
My intent was trying to help you. Not make you feel bad.

There are so many plants with so many different cultural needs that we can't know them all.

You might start a new thread with the botanical name in the subject. That way hopefully some experts can give you advice on your plant.

I really hope it makes it for you! :)


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