'Fragrant Tangle' and 'Thousand Faces'

longriver(SF Bay Area)February 6, 2005

I often give a nick name for my new camellia seedling flower. It helps me to know and to remember this seedling flower appearance and the personality.

Fragrant Tangle is medium in size, very light pink. The fragrance is placed at the top level of my fragrant seedlings. The flower form however is a tangled mass between peony and semi double. Stamens shoot out to all different directions. I will keep it for "fragrant gene pool".

Another nice fragrant seedling, "Thousand Faces" produces single medium size flowers. However, Every flowers coloration appearance is different. It is possible more than one thousand faces. The reason is the red strip genes causing the flower to show different red strips on light pink petals, from solids red color to two red petals with others in pink, from many strips to a touch of strips, and to every possibilities in between. I use it now as a mother plant. Or I may send the scions to my Japanese camellia friends. They like single petal flower for simplicity beauty.

Now I have "Six Sisters" new seedlings this year. A seed pod contained six seeds. Three of them are old enough to give very light pink flowers first time this year. They have 25% of C. reticulata( Yunnan Tea Flower) and 75% of C.japonica( South Mountain Tea Flower). The First Sister is huge, to 7 inches in diameter, semidouble to loose peony. The Second Sister is a born beauty in neat rose form, over 5 iches in diameter. The Third Sister is gorgeous, also very large in anemone form. The center petaloids are slender and long, seemingly like peony.

I am pacing now because three new seedling flowers, possible fragrant, are about to open.

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Bumping this thread off of the top:-)

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