New to roses ... is this blackspot?

natal(Louisiana 8b)October 22, 2010

Getting ready to plant my Climbing Pinkies tomorrow. I noticed these spots on one of the plants the day they arrived. I took pics and emailed Antique Rose Emporium asking what they were, but two days later I still haven't received a reply. Hoping one of you can tell me what they are. Thanks for any help!

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Natal, it sure looks like blackspot to me. pick off all the affected leaves and put them in the garbage, spray the plants with a fungicide before planting.


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Yes, but not enough to worry about. This is a disease-resistant rose, but that does not mean disease-free. When I grew Cl. Pinkie, she got some blackspot the first year or so, but after she was well established, she was clean.

You can pick off the affected leaves, but I don't think a little blackspot warrants spraying a fungicide.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Spazzycat, you're exactly right! I called ARE and spoke to one of the growers. He told me the same thing.

Annette, I did pick off the leaves, but won't be spraying.

Thanks for the quick responses!

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