Boronia megastigma & Trailing arbutus

buzzy(8PugetSound)February 6, 2009

Where can I get them??? I'm not in Australia or California, and that's the only place I've seen Boronia for sale online - and they don't ship

And I'm not finding Trailing arbutus anywhere and both of these are famous for drop dead fragrance.

I yearn!

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Boronia megastigma seeds turn up from time to time, but I have never succeeded in germinating them. Cuttings, however, are VERY easy to root. Ask some of your local florists to lookout for 'brown' or 'yellow' boronia (megastigma), which is sold in bunches as a filler flower. Also very fragrant (but not the same fragrance) is the 'pink' boronia (heterophylla). This one I've seen sold in a few nurseries in the Seattle area in the spring, as potted plants. Hope this helps!

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I've never smelled boronia but I've heard the fragrance is legendary -- if you do find stems and manage to root them, they like well-drained, sandy soil and good sun, but never let them dry out too much, is what I've read.

Do a search for epigea repens (botanic name for trailing arbutus), and you should find a few spots in your area that stock it (forestfarm comes to mind). It's a classic forest understory creeper: cool, moist, acidic soil with lots of leaf mulch mixed in, and partial shade; if you've got those conditions you're golden.

Oh, and if you manage to actually flower your cutting -- DON'T tell me how awesome it smells, I couldn't stand it!


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I've bought boronia multiple times from Cistus Nursery in Portland. They have amazing plants and I can confirm that the smell of a boronia lives up to the hype! Right now I have two called 'Hot Chocolate'.

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Boronia megastigma is a fairly fussy plant to grow.
The pinc flowers of Boronia heterophylla may not be quite as powerfully fragrant but they are cheerfully colourful on a more vigorous plant that is easier to grow (at least in warm temperate climates; and the foliage is very fragrant - to brush against it beside a pathway gives a strong citrusy note year round that is a delight.

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