Posoqueria longiflora

tolip(Tropical)February 14, 2013

I'm looking for seeds of Posoqueria longiflora (Needle Flower plant). I'm willing to buy them or if you would like we can also trade.


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Hi Tolip,
I've been looking for this too, for quite some time, so if you find seeds let me know please!! There is a nursery in hawaii that sells seedlings of it on ebay but I guess the trip to greece was too much for them and they eventually died.. The problem is he sends them bareroot and rather smallish, but if you are in the us I guess they would arrive sooner and have better chances..There is another nursery in hawaii that sends plants in some kind of coco stuff and they have no problem with transport in fact my tabernaemontana africana is theirs and it is one of my most rewarding plants..unfortunately they don't carry the variety of the previous nursery..

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Logee's sells this for 25 bucks in their Nov special. I'm very curious about its smell. So if anyone thinks the scent of this plant worth it and very strong, let me know.

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Funny, this was moving to the top of my lust list, too! Would love to hear from any growers as well.

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I took the plunge and ordered it from Logee's. It'll be some time before I can promise anyone seeds, but if it blooms I'll be sure to report back!

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If you can please take pic of your plant once it's arrived. I want to know how tall it is. Thanks.

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