Does this fig look like LSU Purple?

kngskid(Georgia zone 7b)December 7, 2012

In June I ordered LSU Purple from a well known mail order nursery and the small plant has produced a few figs but they look like kadota figs to me. The fig is not yet ripe but is softening and the eye is opening. What do you think,LSU Purple or not?

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kngskid(Georgia zone 7b)

This is a picture of the same plant before I removed some of the figs.

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The eye looks white/green indicating that it is a fig with light white/amber pulp.

A red eye would indicate fruit with a dark colored pulp
(such as LSU Purple).

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It looks like LSU but your tree has so many figd mine hasonly one, may be mine still young hoping for more next season.

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kngskid(Georgia zone 7b)

I think this fig was mislabeled at the nursery but the owner assures me that it was not mislabeled and that this is LSU Purple. I sure would hate to loose an entire growing season on a mislabeled plant.

Thank you for comments.

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Here is a leaf and fig from my LSU Purple from this summer

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Here is a video showing the LSU Purple

Here is a link that might be useful: Video showing LSU Purple

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kngskid(Georgia zone 7b)

I am going to name the nursery that I purchased my fig from because I know many of you buy from this nursery and probably have purchased this particular fig from them also but I want to be clear about my intent.

I have purchased many, many, many plants/trees from this nursery and will buy many, many, many more in the future. The one time I lost a young tree it had nothing to do with them or their stock yet the person that took my call was very professional and polite and resolved the matter expeditiously. I have nothing bad to say about this nursery or its staff!!!!

I purchased my "LSU Purple" from Edible Landscaping and I am beside myself because I still believe this is not an LSU Purple but something that can be purchased at any corner nursery and I already have. After taking the pictures I removed all but one fig and though it was soft it did not ripen completely before falling off. I cut open the fig and the pithy center had a pinkish tinge to it but occasionally my kodato figs do too.

Foolishpleasure, I saw an old post where you said your LSU Purple came from EL, does the leaves and fruit on your tree look like the leaves and fruit on my tree or possibly TMC's?

TMC, My leaves look nothing like yours but I did notice that your fig is not elongated as I had associated with LSU Purple. Can you recall if your immature figs look like the ones on my tree? Did you get yours from EL?

Sorry for going on and on but I think about this every day and have become obsessed with the idea that I have to wait six months or more to find out if I have the correct tree or an impostor!

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The best time to identify a fig, it is when the fruit is ripe. Also depending from the weather, the soil and if for any reason the tree has been stressed, the fruit will not be the same. Be patient and in a couple of years you might be very happy with your fig tree.

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Hi, I purchased my LSU purple from Willisorchards. I ordered my first figs from them 5 years ago before I knew about any of the forums on figs. A couple of varieties were not what they were labeled. The leaf and fig seem to match what is in the figs4fun data base. I can't recall what they looked like when they first developed. Your tree is young and you are growing inside which will be different than a 5 year old tree grown outside.

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IMHO, that is not LSU purple. LSU purple has a different leaf structure and is closed eye when green. I have been growing it for 8 years and it is "everbearing" here. I currently have green and ripe fruit on it now. All of the green figs eyes are totally closed. The eye will open somewhat when ripe, but not enough to sour or bugs. Don't know what you have.....but not LSU is an outstanding fig in the south....well worth getting.

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You seem to have a good fig tree why you care that much if it is lsu purple or not. I bought one lsu from the same nursery but it is not doing as good as yours. also I bout a fig tree from willisorchird and was labled celeste but it turned to be black jack. I did not fus about that but I would not buy any more trees from willis. I am fine with ediblelandscaping.

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kngskid(Georgia zone 7b)

Thank you all for your comments.

Vitalucky and Foolishpleasure, I care very much that this fig is (or is not) LSU Purple. Who orders anything and doesn't expect to get what you've you mean you really wouldn't mind? Well I do, but even more so if it's another Kadota. I already have Kadota but as TMC pointed out my little tree may very well be LSU P but I am irritated that EL completely disregarded my concerns.

For now I'll say the identity of my fig is unknown but if it turns out that it's not LSU P I will expect Edible Landscaping to make good on my order. I ordered from Willis Orchard when I began planting my orchard and they sent me a mislabeled tree which took three years to fruit but even after three years they owned up to the mistake and made good on my order. I would order from them again if they had something that I wanted. Merry Christmas to all!

This post was edited by kngskid on Tue, Dec 25, 12 at 2:07

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I do mind which variety I get because I do not want to duplicate or when instead I desire a designated variety.
When I get I variety not in my possession already, then I look for other characteristic and flavor is one of those.
The fruits of your tree look similar to my LSU Purple and so do the leaves, so I assume it must be a LSU Purple.
Also I have ordered several times from that same nursery and always got exactly what I had ordered.
Today is December 30 and my LSU still has some figs ripening and they still have good flavor: it does behave like a everbearing! But I live in SW Florida and the tree is close to the house, on the Southern wall, which is different for someone living in a more Northern zone or when the tree has been planted on a different position to the sun. Also, as my tree got older and I cut the leader, than it started to behave as a weeping tree: branches that touched the groung even stared rooting: it is a vigourous grower and if not upward, it will grow sideways. It is also more resistant to rust mosaic.
I can understand your disappointment if you had the wrong tree: some years ago I bought my first two fig trees: one Brown Turkey and a Black Mission. They were two Brown Turkey (it was from Lowes). I have also learned that when very young , the fig trees produce fruits of lesser quality

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Your picture does look like the LSU Purple. They are quite distinct in their appearance to me.

KNGSkid, maybe you can help me ID my mystery fig.

Does my pictures look like your Kadota figs?

I think they could be, but there are few others that look similar. The problem is that the nursery I bought them from does not list Kadota as a fig they handle. The only light color fig they list is the Texas A&M Alma fig. This fig does not match up to any pics of the Alma I have seen ?

This is a story about receiving the wrong fig plants. I buy bareroot trees from a nursery I will not name...but it is not EL.

I ordered a hundred Celeste figs and 4 years later I realize that is not what I got. After seeing the size and the flavorful taste, I was not upset. Obviously, they were mislabeled and shipped to me.

Matthew 7:12

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I would mind if I order a particular fig and receive
something which is not the type I want.
The variety of the fig is important when this fig tree
is grown in a cold climate area. The fig tree has to
tolerate cold temperature to survive to produce fruits
for the coming years.

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kngskid(Georgia zone 7b)

Pappy52, pls feel free to post your picture in the thread. For your convenience, here's a picture of my Kadota tree sorry I don't have a picture of the fruit cut open.

This post was edited by kngskid on Sun, Dec 30, 12 at 21:11

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Hi, kngskid:

Would you please tell me the variety of the fig tree
which is next to your Kadota fig?
I like the shape of the fig leaves that looks
like 5 long fingers. My only fig tree has leaves
similar to your Kadota fig tree. Your fig tree leaf has 3 lobes and mine has 5 lobes.

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kngskid(Georgia zone 7b)

Fignewbies, That is Stella! Stella is the most beautiful of all my fig trees and the fruit is very good too. I don't have a full shot of "her" because I lost a lot of pictures when my computer crashed but it is a very nice tree.

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Hi, kngskid:

Thanks for the info! Your stella looks beautiful!
How old, how tall is this lovely tree?
And is it productive?

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kngskid(Georgia zone 7b)

Stella stands about five feet above its pot and since this is only the second year with it I can't say if it is productive or not. Last year the tree was in training and had no figs but this year it produced about five.

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Hi, kngskid:

Thanks for the info!
Maybe I will get a Stella fig someday!

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I had never heard of Stella but you stimulated my curiosity and I searched for it.
It seems the fruits are 3 to 4 inches long: is that possible? That would make a huge fig.
That is a fig tree I would like to get!

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kngskid(Georgia zone 7b)

I think many of us are still building our fig inventory and I am of the mind that I'd rather order my trees than ask for cuttings so I'm just sharing this information for anyone that is interested.

I was planning to order a Nordland Fig from Raintree but before I could get my ducks in a row it sold out so for anyone in the same boat... I got an email from Raintree this morning stating they are putting Nordland back up on their web site and it is now available.

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