Gardenia won't bloom

pmsingmomof3(Florida)February 12, 2007

Last year I purchased 2 different types of Gardenia. One looks like the Italian porcelain capodimonte and has no scent and grows huge! (I think it is called Florida Gardenia)

The other, which I was told, would be beutiful and beyond fragrant is grafted Gardenia. It is still about 1.5 feet high and has yet to bloom. In it's year the leaves have turned yellow and grew back and the stems are nice and sturdy. When is the bloom cycle for these beautiful flowers in Florida? (Main question)

Also, the same thing with my Honeysuckle and Jasmine. Do they all take a year to prepare themselves to bloom?

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I'm so sorry pmsingmomof3,for you frustration I am one one person you can definetly relate to you on flowers not blooming.I have been through it all and I'm still waiting for my huge brugmansia's to flower(hopefully this is the year).Anyways back to your gardenia's.Do have them planted in pots or in the ground?Have you had any buds? how often do you water them?What type of food do you give them and how often?How much sun do the receive?have you noticed any insects lately?I should be able to help you out as soon as I get a little bit more info.I hope to hear from you soon because these are wonderful plants and I would really like to be able to get you bloomin! Talk to you soon Christina

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I have an arabian tea jasmine that was blooming a week after I got it from logees! I don't mean to gloat, because most of my plants die during the winter time. :( My jasmine lost all its leaves, I watered it a bit so hopefully it'll come back. Here is a place that may help you with your gardenia problem, good luck! :)

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My gardenia has small buds right now, my jasmine nitidum is blooming, confederate just starting, and several other jasmines have not started yet. My honeysuckle didn't bloom the first summer I planted it, but it grew quite a bit and established its roots. Hope this helps. Wendy

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