Buds have green spots

neodrakaMay 26, 2006

Hi forum, I've been reading posts on here for a while, because a couple of months ago I bought a blooming Fuchsia (my first) and became facinated with it. As soon as I got it home I transplanted it into a pot just slightly bigger (maybe 1.5 inches more in diameter), watered it with a very dilute mixture of Miracle-Gro (15-30-15 with Micronutrients). I figured since most forums about fuchsia said to use a low middle number fertilizer, that it couldn't hurt for the time being to use a very dilute mixture.. I usually like to feed with every watering a very weak mixture anyway. The plant gets some morning sun until about 1 pm when I bring it inside and put it in a western-facing window. Then it gets about 5 hours of filtered afternoon sun. Recently some of the larger buds have formed these green discolored spots on them. I sprayed with an insecticide, but I'm unsure to a further course of action. It has been around 29-30 degrees Celcius for about a week when it's outside but it comes inside for the heat of the day and sits with my other plants in the filtered sun. Is the problem because of the heat (It seemed to be doing better when highs were in the 25C range), or is it because I'm moving it from hot and moist to air-conditioned and dry (I have a humidifier in the room it goes into but lol it's still dry in there unless the air's off), or is the problem because of the 15-30-15 dilute mixture I water the plant with? Thanks, Chris

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