Bought a fig tree at a garage sale in late October.

kumquat1December 11, 2010

The sellers seemed to be from the arab/asian world. I asked what kind of tree. They said "Turkish" or "Turkey". There was a bit of a language barrier. Still in 10" pot, as I broke my leg and not able to plant it. We put the pot on the front (south-facing) porch, uncovered. We are on a bayou, so it doesn't get as cold here as it does inland. It has been in the upper 20's here for several nights, and the little cutie has a baby fig (BB size) on it, and has tolerated the cold like a champ. I am very excited about this tree. Do you think it is an early and late-bearing type tree?

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Only time will tell what you really have. There are lots of figs in Turkey that need pollination and, as far as I know, you don't have the fig wasp in FL. On the other hand it could be a Brown Turkey fig and then you'll be getting figs that will be edible in 2011 by the sounds of it. Please keep us posted, I'm sure others would like to find out what kind of fig you may have.

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I guess I will have to wait till the fruit matures, as you suggest, when/if that happens. The leaves are not like Celeste. Could just be a Br. Turkey. Will update the forum if anything "big" happens.

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