Blooming in February!!

fenius(9)February 1, 2013

ridiculously long budding period (all afternoon yesterday I was standing over it like death!!):

after which, though, it compensates!!

whole gardenia vietnamensis

and finally a dendrobium scabrilingue... nice scent (though not as above!)black tiny hairs all over it, cute !

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Beautiful! I like them both! I had my week of Jasmine - and now I've got nothing. Hope something else surprises me this month.

How long does the gardenias keep their blooms?

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oh oh oh.... Its Beautiful! The den is real cute,love the tiny hairs!

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Hummmm..I wonder if that Dendrobium can be found at the Orchid show Rosey!!!!????lololo

I am getting one of those, either there or through E-bay!

Now Fenius, you did it again to me..hahah

Where did you get that? I love iT!@!

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Well, I got a free orchid today - it's seen better days and needs to be brought back to health. It's just a bunch of big green leaves at this point - but I saw it on top of a cabinet at work and it looked abandoned so I asked and was told I could take it. :)

My office has good windows so I am going to see if I can doctor it back to flowering again.

The flower stocks had been dried up like kindling so I cut them off. I took a picture and I'll post - but I realize that we won't know what it is until (unless) it flowers.

I'm emailing myself so I can post the picture before I leave work -

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Ok, no flowers yet - BUT it was FREE.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Nice! And the buds on the shrubs here take forever too, and can show up any time.

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Hi Purple!

Fenius..I had to take another peek! Beautiful.

Rosey...Now you just need to add one in flower to your collection! Good luck with that one. I have never been successful with this particular one:-(


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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Some blooms for Feb:

My Chickenfeet plant is doing great

Here is the whole plant:

The orange osmanthus is smelling great too. But the color of the flowers aren't orange this time because of the lack of sunlight.

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Now Fenius! Where in the world did you get that plant?

I looked it up and all I saw were dead chickens with their feet cut off or a bunch of 'chicken feet' for sale for soup!

It's different and beautiful

Where in the world did you get the ORANGE Osmanthus too? lol


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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Mike, the Chickenfeet plant is called Chloranthus Spicatus. You want cuttings? I can send you some in Spring.

The Orange Osmanthus I bought at my local nursery. It has the same scent & intensity as the regular Osmanthus. : )

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Ummm...Kemistry. I am so sorry!

I am so use to seeing Fenius post flowers and that he started this thread that I forgot you do too lately.

Thanks so much and again sorry:-)

Thanks a bunch! I would love too, I did see they are not fussy and smell good. How do they smell to you? You like it? Your plants always look so perfect!


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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Mike, it smells awesome. Very similar to the scent of Aglaia Odorata. It's also so easy to grow. I'm sure you will love it.

Send me an email when your weather is warm enough to receive plants and I'll mail you some cuttings.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Yay! I finally get to contribute to this thread! be honest my Osmanthus fragrans 'Fudingzhu' has been blooming for weeks now but that's old hat. ;)
Anyway my Chinese Sacred Lilies (Narcissus tazetta v. orientalis) are finally opening (they started opening last night). Last night the scent was more like a light paperwhite scent however today they smell more clean and fresh. Love them. It's a fun thing to do to keep me from going completely nuts in the winter. :)


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HOw pretty, they look like daffodils! (which completely reminds me of spring!)

I need more flowers - I'm thinking I should make my first logees trip. I looked again at their website and found about 5 plants that I'd like ...

only thing blooming in my apartment is my geranium. It's pretty depressing. Not even my Aloe has shown any sign of flowering this year - and last year it had flowers from Feb - through April.

yeah, depressing.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

They are a type of daffodil! Good call. :)

So jealous of you people who can actually drive to Logee's. Sigh.
Since you like succulents I'm going to suggest Ric Rac Orchid Cactus (Epiphyllum anguliger) and of course there are tons of hoyas to choose from (Mike will no doubt help you out). ;)


Here is a link that might be useful: Ric Rac Orchid Cactus (Epiphyllum anguliger)

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

That looks good Robert. It's amazing how fast those forced bulbs can bloom. : )

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Thanks, Kemistry! I'm jealous of your chickenfeet. Mine was just about to finally bloom when dumb me transplanted it from a pot growing in a gritty mix to a hanging basket with more of a 5:1:1 mix and lost the inflo. :(
All the plants on the counters have been driving my partner nuts so I'm going the route of hanging baskets to keep them out of his way. Laugh.
Oh, well...there are other flower spikes forming! :)
Can't wait to get home and sniff my Chinese sacred lilies!


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I can't expect Mike to help me out - I think he'd be dangerous to bring to Logees since he'll pull all the plants out of my hands and buy them for himself. He strikes me as being greedy like that. :D

You shouldn't wish yourself this far north. I just heard from a friend today - that there's a huge snow storm expected on Friday night. Better to stay warm and cozy, my friend. And get those plants shipped.

I actually had chosen the ric-rac as one of the plants I wanted. :) Great minds do think alike...

and another was an olive tree (meiwa?) ... and a few others in the geranium family... I may not make it to Logees for a few more weeks - but I'm definitely thinking about it. Spring should be here already.

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Oh Rosey, you don't know me that well! Of course I would leave you a plant or two. I just won't tell you what I am getting first so they won't run

By the way, I already have my eyes on one particluar plant! lol
I can be kind of greedy, but not too greedy to share with you:-)

Um, remember we were suppose to go to the orchid show? This Friday or Saturday? I guess we can scrub that although I might and try to get up to that show before the heavy snow moves in when they open on Friday at 1:00 pm with Wes.

Robert..I have never heard of Chicken Feet other than from dead chickens until Kemistry so kindly offered and showed us hie pics!
Robert, your flowers are beautiful! I have been thinking about growing bulbs indoors.
Enjoy buddy and I hope you don't get buried with snow like me. So depressing around here as I am struggling with tiredness and a lack of warm sun.
Robert, always plants before You make me laugh with the hanging

Kemistry, thanks so much again!
So beautiful. I love it!


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I was wondering what was the plan for the o. Show with the impending blizzard. Is the o show an annual event? Or monthly?

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Hey Rosey, only annual:-(

I am definitely going Sunday morning and will be there before the doors open at nine. Since Saturday seems to be a joke, unless for some reason the snow goes away, we can go Sunday.
If the snow goes away, then I will go whenever you want to.
Wes and I will be going Friday for noon too but I am afraid you won't be safe if it starts to snow while we are there.
Sunday sounds like the best of all three days and if I go Friday, I would still go with you Sunday a.m.
Does all this makes sense? lol
Let me know if you are going.
Pray we don't get 3 feet of snow!


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I'm praying the storm will move south of us and go through ny instead of ma....

But in the event that God doesnt like or approve my idea... We still may be stuck.

It's depressing that its only an annual show... And a shame to miss it. I can't take Friday off. I guess you'll have to take lots of pictures...

Sunday isn't an option for me, this weekend. Saturday is my only free day :(

Oh well, maybe next year.

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Ok, Mike - if you see an orchid there - that stays on the smaller side ... hmmmm... say 4-5 inch pot size (that smells awesome) - I may be asking you to shop for me. I was looking at my office window and there's a small ledge that runs against the glass that measures (almost 5'' x 4' long) and it's empty. I could put an orchid there if the pot/root size remains small enough and the growth habit is vertical and not horizontal. (the shades to this window - self close and if the plant grew outside that 5" space it could be broken by the shades lowering at the end of each day)

Could you keep your eyes out for a plant like that? :) and let me know if you find it?

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Rose, that is no problem...

I am think I have something on my mind. How much money would you be willing to part with?
Orchids that are very fragrant tend to run a bit on the heftier side but there probably cheaper.
In fact, I will ask around for you.
Take a look at the J&L Orchid store.
Click onto fragrants and take a peek.
They will be there, in fact she is going to bring me up a couple reserved.
Let me know if something appeals to you:-)

Now, I must wait for Wes to e-mail me and pray that this storm does not at least knock the electricity out!
It's hard to believe that tomorrow at this time will be a whole different wordl. It's sort of nice to see the ground all winter. It makes it feel like spring is around the corner.
Now the wait for the big melt after tomorrow, the crocus, and the robins.


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Oh God this is so dangerous... but I keep thinking - I'm ordering for the office, not home ... so this gives me room... yes?

I don't understand the terms of that website (what's intermediate vs warm? and what is mounted instead of potted? I know potted so how are they mounted?

anyway - I'm thinking to keep my order between $150 - $200 according to the prices listed on that website - I'm doing that. and, the difficulty is that I still don't know whether compact will keep the plants to 4" pot sizes so I will give you the list and let you decide at your discretion. Also, the other difficulty is what if your sense of pleasant isn't mine. (I love Jasmine and citrusy type scents - not so crazy about vanilla.)

So - these are the ones that looked interesting on the j&L website:

1) masdevallia copper cherub
2) coelogyne fibriata
3) Bulbophyllum ambrosia (although this one said mounted???) if it's not potted I may not know what to do with it...
4) Cadetia Taylori
5) Tuberolabium Woodii
6) Aerangis Citrata

So, if you could take a look at those - and, sniff them - and if they seem to suit - I guess I should probably email you my cell so you can tell me what your opinion is??? Or if there are other options that might suit better from what I've shared from other vendors.

I should probably also state that the window glass is cold, my office is about 65-70 degrees, but there's a ceiling vent and AC in summer.

I seem to have taken and misdirected the forum again. (sorry guys!)

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And, I just got a "SEVERE WEATHER EXPECTED TOMORROW" warning email - storm expected as early as 7 am ... and that we're closing at 2.

2 feet - Ugh! so not ready for this.

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just in case the word ledge was wrong - here's the space. that cavern ledge? close to the glass... it's almost 5" wide - and 7" deep - so the plants going in there have to be taller than 7" ...

I also think the window is north/west facing, it's 2 pm and the sun is just starting to touch that window which isn't good news when it's dark at 5.

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Hi, Mike, Rosey, good to see you again. Mike, how is mom doing? Tell mom that I say hi.

I was still in quiet mood trying to catch up the forums, but hearing you and Rosey are going to team up and plan a trip to Logee's. Boy, I can't no longer keep myself in silent... I must vent out how jealous I am.... LOL. And don't buy every plants off the shelves...You may pick those healthier , strong ones to carry home but at least leave some for us!...

fenius, I am very tempted to start gardenia again by looking at yours. Yours is so beautiful. It would be so perfect if I could smell its scent.

Robert, Don't you love the scent of the Chinese Sacred Lilies? They usually grow in a shallow glass bowl of water with some pebble on the bottom to anchor the roots. Many times, the bulbs are carefully carved so the leaves can grow in a very artistic way. They don't grow very tall, and easy to fit into small space. It is my favorite office decoration in winter time..

Kemistry, Your chicken feet grow so well, so green! Mine is still alive ( Thanks for sharing the cuttings and all the cutting care instruction!!). Can't wait for mine to bloom...

Report of Feb. bloom... My Jasmine Polyanthun is blooming its head off... Very fragrant, whole bunch of it. I love its scent, but still prefer the MOO a little more. MOO scent is a little sweeter, creamier and smooth to my nose. But in this time of the year, who can complain having any flowers blooming which add color or scent in the house...

Several orchids are blooming too... My favorite Sharry Baby, couple of Catt. all emit very pleasant fragrant... With so many plants are dead after my vocation, my heart is broken. It seems to me, orchids and I get along a little better...I am going to grow more fragrant orchids this year. Hausermann orchid farm is going to have its annual open house at end of this month. I am going to satisfy my greed and pick few plants from them... Anyone in Chicago area want to go, let me know. We can team up and plan a orchid trip too.

Will report my sin to all of you after I committed new ones.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Hi olympia_gardener.. welcome back! : )

Geesh, all this orchid discussion has gotten me all hyped up. I want one. Soon! Lol. If you do make it to the show, post some pics of your new babies, Mike & Rosey.

Speaking of Chickenfeet.. I saw this pic on a Chinese website.. it looks like a tall-growing cultivar of Chickenfeet??? OMG Olympia_gardener, when's your next trip to China? Lol. We want some cuttings :o)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone!!

I am the one that is jealous!! ;-)

Hi Fenius.. Love your Gardenia!! How beautiful is that!! She made you wait for "her debut" :-) Worth every minute!!

Wishing i had something to share that is blooming right now.. Only a few Crown OF Thorns. Peace Lily and a Fukien Tea Tree. Nothing fragrant tho.. sigh!!

Olympia.. Welcome Back!! I saw your pics of the yachts and palms and i was in heaven!! I understand how you just had to go "south" Im ready myself..

Rosey... Be careful during this snowstorm. It looks like a really bad one. Glad to see that Mike is helping you pick a few favs .. They all sound wonderful!!

Hi Robert!! I am so bored right now with all of my trees. (Plumies) they are all silent with the exception of a few that are pushing new leaves, so there is hope!!

Loved your pic! How beautiful!!

Hi Mike!! I have the weather channel on right now and i am getting nervous for you all up in the northeast, especially aroud Boston. Jim Cantore was just on the news and he is getting to excited.. That makes my hair stand up on end. YOU be careful going out on Friday. They are calling for it to start early. The moisture is gaining strength around my area and heading north to collide with that nasty cold front coming from the great lakes. Kind of reminds me of how Sandy formed...

Hi Kemistry!! Sooo nice to see you and your cute little Chickenfeet. I have never seen that cutie before!!

Quite beautiful!!

I hope all is well with everyone. I am counting the days until spring.. It is so crazy with the temps and snowfall here in Virginia Beach. Here are a few pics from last week..

This isn't like the snow that you all have up north, but it is alot for us here at the beach. Schools shut down and everyone cleans out the grocery stores!!! LOL...

I wish my pics were of more gorgeous fragrant blooms.. Oh well!!

Here are a few!!


Red Lion

One of my Baby Adeniums.. just for fun!!

Good night all!!

Be safe.. Rosey, Mike, Wes and everyone in the northeast!!


This post was edited by loveplants2 on Thu, Feb 7, 13 at 21:07

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Depressing, how they close down over a little snow. Watched news tonight and we re being told to get off the roads by noon, and the t, the subway is closed at 3:30.... Darn, I wanted to work late tomorrow too. Guess, this really will force me to go home when the company closes. It doesn't even sound like it'll be that serious until after 5.

These early closings are just silly, they could have left the t running until 5. This just forces people to go home when there'll only be ...2 or 3 inches on the ground.

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Laura: Even if there was no snow the palm trees are really cool in return a small glance of a granite site left behind from an ice age.

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Hi, Laura. good to see you too! Remember 2-3 months ago , my one and only plumeria keept losing leaves. You advised me to let it go dormant. It has been in the basement for almost three months and looks much happier than it was upstairs. I have never watered it since, and it still has one leaf. Thanks a lot for saving my baby.
The palm tree and red lion pictures looks like taken from very different world. One is snowy blizzard , and one is warm and cozy. Both were well photographed. I love thr palme trees, they are elegant and majestic, especially the taller one. I read and saw pictures somewhere in Tropical forum, some one in zone 4 grows palm tree in the ground for years along with plumerias and other tropical plants. It makes me thinking of letting myself go crazy just once and plant a palm tree and a banana tree in front of the house so I can pretend I am still in vocation ...

Talking about snow, Mike, Rosey, how is the weather there? Hope in the area where you live, the snow did not hit you the hardist, no power outage or road closing, etc. Let us know how you are doing when you can access to the computer. We did not get much snow here in Chicago, about 3". But the road is slippery. Everyone is driving very slow. It takes much longer to get to work. For the friends in the north part of the country, please do drive safely.

Kemistry, I think there are several different types of chicken feet plants in China. I know they were commercial grown to perfume the tea. But I do not exactly know the differences. I only know one is white and one is yellow flowered. I possible go to China in early May. I have not had itinerary settled yet, so the trip is still in the air. But if I go, I plan to bring some other plants back with me... I have eyes on few Chinese Cymbidium that I love to have. I am thinking about filing a paper work with U.S Custom and import them into the country legally. If I am allowed to bring plants into this country, I might be able to bring some back for you guys too as long as I have room for them. I only know there is a requirement of absolutely no soil on the plant from US government. Does anyone here know if I just buy some plants from flower shop or farm and washed all the dirt away. What other paper works do I need to have in order to bring the plants in??

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Mike called me about 10 minutes ago from the orchid show with Wes. The doors were just opening and he said quickly "Gotta GO!" ...

shows they're both having a great time, despite the weather.

I'm still at work, it started snowing here at 10, and still hasn't really stuck to anything yet. I can't say that the same is happening for the rest of the state. Mike told me it had started up there, about 3 hours before it did here so, by the time those two are done shopping - they may have some significant snow to shovel away from their tires to get out of the parking lot.

I hope they're finding me some really good plants... :)

But, by the time I'll be able to drive north to get them - Mike may like them to much and not want to give them to me.

I have a feeling I may be lending more power to his addiction to ask him to shop plants for me.

here's the view of Cambridge from my office - should we call this the blizzard of 2013? 1 pm view - and yes - nothing much on the ground yet - when that second storm comes in ... 2 feet? I guess this view, come Monday will be very different.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

O I feel bad for all of you who are going to get blizzard'ed!

My newest rose bush (outside) is blooming today, a yellow KO that actually has a decent scent.

Love the snowy palms pic!

And those Gardenia buds I mentioned somewhere back in the thread are STILL in suspended animation. A watch-bud never blooms. I swear I'm only glancing!

This post was edited by purpleinopp on Fri, Feb 8, 13 at 16:28

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Post pics purple! I miss my roses and its depressing thinking spring is months away. Yellow roses, my favorite! Post!, please!

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Guess what guys ..... Mike still forgot his camera but mission massive orchid uploading is still in progress A little something to look at while it happens

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Oh! How beautiful! Is it plastic? :)

Wes, how many did you get? Mike said he's going back for the Sunday sale... Is that your thought too?

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Laura, a welcome back to you as well! ;) I can mail you some cuttings of the Chickenfeet once your weather has warmed up. These cuttings root very easily.

Olympia_gardner!!! So excited to hear that you are planning a China trip. I cannot stop staring at that chickenfeet pic. I've been searching around and it appears that other species of Chloranthus are also fragrant including the white-flowering Chloranthus oldhamii.
I need to think of ways to bribe you into air-mailing me some cuttings while you are over there if the paperwork/import route doesn't work out. Lol. : ))

This post was edited by kemistry on Fri, Feb 8, 13 at 21:34

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Plastic ? No not even lol. Although they did have a vendor with realistic in appearance blown glass outer with corn starch sugar art as inner coloring or finishes looking a-lot like orchids.

As flower art and in my review. Small to modest sized orchid plants in fine color details for indoor display only. Along the lines of one stroke painting on a mail box in realistic flowering looks.

Yeah these too would all have a lack in fragrance but still had eye catching appeal with neat clean appearance and rather good work for blown glass with sugar art combo.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello EVeryone!!!

Wes... I love that pic of the granite wall left behind from the Ice Age.. How cool is that? I just love to find things like that in nature. Have you found any Bonsai Specimen in that area? Looks like great potential!! ;-)
i would also like to check for fossils too! Great stuff!

Hi Olympia!! Im glad your Plumeria is doing better.. Don;t forget to give it just a little water since you said it hasn't been watered since November. You only have to give it 1/2 cup for a gallon size or 1 cup for a five gallon container. Then it should be ready for spring. Sooo glad it is doing better for you!! YeeHA!

Thank for the kind comments on the Palms.. I love them too! It still isn't like going to the real tropics, but i can dream... ;-)

Kemistry!! Thank you so much for the kind offer.. I will gladly accept and wait patiently until it is warmer to have some of your cute cuttings from you Chickenfeet!! I would be so grateful!! Mahalo!!

Glad to hear Wes and Mike had a great time at the show.. Rosey, i hope you can get you "loot" from Mike!! LOL..

Please be careful going out again in this storm. It is a bad one!!! I had to take my mother to have surgery during this mess. We had wind and rain, but it was awful..

Glad to see it move off of the coast, but i know you all are receiving it from us and mixing with the cold air aloft. Making for a bad mess for you guys up north..

Please be careful!!

Hello to all..

Goodnight to all.. :-)


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Have you found any Bonsai Specimen in that area?

Well... It's not a finders keepers area by no means but if you add a bit of inspiration within the nearly 30 square miles of what you see in that pic.

Opps sorry folks I seem to be a bit off topic at this time but I am willing to admit that I do have a couple of non indigenous variegated flowering maples are in some of my pots which are also non fragrant...

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Rosey, it got dark on me before I could get out there Friday. Took this yesterday, apparently something ate most of the petals. Still smells nice though.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Callisia fragrans continues to bloom. I had to twine the stalks up the thing the pot is hanging from, they were flopping all over the other plants.

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Hi Kemistry,

Your Chloranthus spicatus is very nice. I would like to spare 1 or 2 cuttings this Spring, please let me know if you can. Thanks!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Mindy,

My Chloranthus spicatus is finally large enough to share a couple of cuttings with you.
I can send them when the weather warms up. Just email me if you're interested.
Of course this means when yours gets large enough you have to keep the Chloranthus train going as well. :)
The flowers do smell like Chinese Perfume Plant (Aglaia odorata) however the chloranthus drops its tiny flowers after a day or two so they don't last long. I've also found (at least for me) that it can take a couple of months for the flower spikes to flower after forming.
Still a great houseplant that should be commercially available.


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YOu know. all this talk of Cholanthra and I had no idea they even existed! I am very gratful for the generous friends here and can't wait to try one:-)

It's going to be 55 today and I can't wait! I wish I was home to give all my plants fresh air today!

Tiffany..What is that flower? You always seem to have plants I have never seen..Yum!

I hope all my friends here are enjoying their day.

A special shout out to Laura

II would keep typing, but this dang computer is stalling constatly! Arg!

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Hi Robert,

Of course I really want to have it. I remembered my father usually to put this flower in his cup of tea. Please send them when the weather warms up and tell me how I can send my e-mail to you.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Minhdy!

Hmm...maybe I should try some flowers in green tea?
Thanks for the photo!
To send me an email click on the 'My Page' link by my user name on GW or you can just email me your address at :)


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Minhdy!

I got your email with your mailing address however your settings on GW prevent me from responding to your email. If you send me your email address through an email I will let you know before I ship out your cuttings when it's warm enough. :)


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Robert...Is the fragrance to this plant as is elusive as the Chinese perfume plant or more noticeable?

Thanks buddy!


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hey guys..I'm so bumped I can't keep up with my forums any more (due to work for which I should be grateful they tell me, given the situation of my world!!)
I like this chloranthus item!! we must make a thread on it and its varieties when olympia comes back from her explorations in china! I will try and post more blooming photos soon, I loved all your blooms and landscapes..

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Fenius..I am bummed that you can't be around more often. You are missed when you are not here.
We need all the souls we can get here for more excitement and fun.

Please, more pictures accepted:-)


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Okay. Here's a pic of silly plants but they make me happy! Thanks to a quick trip to Home Depot over the weekend I've added sweet alyssum, marigolds (yes, marigolds in winter!) to go along with my violas and my Osmanthus fragans 'Fudingzhu' which has been blooming for months now.
It doesn't look much like winter today. Laugh. It's sunny and in the forties. Tomorrow we're supposed to get snow and sleet so of course the marigolds will be kept inside. :)


It's been too long for me to remember the intensity of scent from the chloranthus (though I do have buds on it as well as on my Chinese Perfume Plant).
If I ever get blooms at the same time I'll try to compare them for you. :)


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Thank god for sunday, I really needed a garden day !!(have to lunch at parents' but still..)
Robert, it looks like spring over there!..
here it started to feel like it too, I ate my first wild strawberry I found under the chaenomeles which blooms its head off in february! Its not fragrant of course but, along with purple anemones, is my favourite plant since I was little:

Then, there is my first viola odorata des charentes:

and finally one of my new entries (I can't smell a thing though it's supposed to be fragrant, a hamamelis cousin actually) Loropetalum chinense firedance

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I love your Viola odorata, fenius! How does it smell?

Okay. Since it's the last day of February I'll post a pic of my still blooming Night Scented Stock (Matthiola longipetala subsp. bicornis). They smell awesome at night and I'm getting more and more blooms now that spring is getting closer (I still have to bring them in most nights to protect them from freezing temps).
I really wanted my stupid plumeria to finally open before the end of Feb. but hopefully I'll be able to share a pic for March's pics! :)


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cool plant robert! I 've sown it too but like a week ago so it is a couple of hairs now!! Can't wait to smell it... I think my daphne odora is about to bloom, thank kemistry..I'll post it in blooming in march with your plumeria... My violas all smell pretty much the same to me (like viola odorata!), maybe my nose will get more sophisticated in time!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Ha! I'm such a sucker for Viola odorata descriptions. Of course some day I'd like to try Duchesse de Parme thanks to Select Seeds stating it's the most richly scented. ;)

I can't wait for you daphne to bloom and of course my plumie!

Can't believe no one has started the blooming in March thread yet. :(


Here is a link that might be useful: Duchesse de Parme

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I have that too but it hasn't bloomed yet!! I'll let you know if it's stronger than the other parma violets (I have 4 kinds)
I might start the thread tomorrow or the day after with my daphne if nobody beats me to it!

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