Ballerina Blau in Central NC

DLBDemonSlayer(z7 NC)May 2, 2004

I am a newbie with fuschias. My husband and I drove over half an hour to a garden nursery (Big Bloomers for you local folks) to purchase fuschias for our new hanging baskets about 3-4 weeks ago. (We got the black metal baskets with the coconut liners.) We didn't notice any other variety (except white which we weren't interested in) so we got the Ballerina Blau. My question is, is this a trailing variety that will hang down to eventually cover the basket? It's about to bloom and it hasn't begun to hang over the sides of the basket yet. It's still erect. Did we buy the wrong variety for our purposes? Thanks so much for your help. I'm thrilled there is a forum dedictaed to this beautiful plant! I only wish I had discovered it before I bought mine. Also, will this variety perform well for me in my area? They are on an east facing porch with a shallow yard of grass and then a thin strip of woods after that. They really don't get a whole lot of sun. My only concern would be the heat of summer. How moist should the soil be and how often should I fertilize them? Now, while I wait for replies, I will browse this forum. Sorry if these have been asked before. I did a search specifically on this variety and came up empty. Thanks again!

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DLBDemonSlayer(z7 NC)

I found at Proven Winners website that Ballerina 'Blue' was an upright. Is this the same variety as mine? If so, well, that kinda sucks. Fortunately, the baskets are pretty all by themselves so if we have to see them then I guess that's ok. I'm glad we didn't go with the cheesey plastic ones. BTW, sorry I've been misspelling "fuchsia". I've also learned about the watering requirements and fetilizer. I guess the question remaining well suited is this variety to my area (Central NC)? I'm just thinking....if I let these plants continue the way they are without pinching (which I haven't been doing anyway) will they kinda fall over to slightly hang over the edge or will this cause them stress and possible damage? I don't think I have it in me to pinch off the buds I've been waiting to see for so long!

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Blaue Ballerina is what we call a lax-upright, it does hang downwards a bit but not as much as a true trailing variety.

Yes that's true if you start pinching now you will have to wait 4/6 weeks for it to flower, but if you do pinch-out the growing tips your plant will become much bigger.

The position you describe sounds ideal, keep moist but not soaking wet, preferably watering in the mornings.

Visit the FAQ page at the top of this Forum, or my website (link below) lots of information there - Kath:)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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