Has anyone ever grown Night Scented Phlox?

heaven_scentFebruary 23, 2006

Hi everybody,

I was hoping to get some personal feedback from anyone that's grown Night Scented Phlox -- Zaluzianskya ovata.

I purchased it from Thompson & Morgan and I'm looking forward to getting it started. I've not had good luck with Evening Scented STOCK, so I'm hoping the PHLOX is easier to grow. I'm mostly curious about its fragrance. Please chime in. Thank you

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shic_2006(4a 5a)

pls do not double/cross post.

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Hi heaven scent - thanks for posting this. I'm going to search the local nursery for plant or seeds before I place my order.


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nomadic(z8 PNW)

Planted seeds (Lake Valley Seed) last year which grew into healthy 0.5-1 inch seedlings that later looked gangly and spindly despite being in a nice not-so-hot sunny area before they eventually wilted and died. Maybe I will try planting some again.
Or maybe I should stick with Cestrum.

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pls shic up. Hi Kasie!....those seeds are soooooooo small. You'll definately have a hoot w/a loop while sowing them. If I could find a plant out at a nusery, I'd go for it too. Happy hunting

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vilcat(z4b NH)

I grew them years ago when I lived on the coast of MD. They grew beautifully and even though I can't describe the scent I know it was wonderful. I may just try growing them again, thanks for the reminder about them.


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shic_2006(4a 5a)

heaven_scent, there is no need to ask me to "shic up". I mean the plant you mentioned is nice and interesting. I am merely saying that there is no need to post the same topic in two forums.

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

I just ordered them too from T&M, but I noticed that mine says Zaluzianskya capensis 'Night Phlox', is this the same as Z. ovata?


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With all due respect, even though you offered none, I politely ask that you don't comment on my posts unless it pertains to the subject matter. Your opinion on the "need of posting the same topic on two forums" is only that, your opinion. I posted on two forums in hopes to merely garner more conversation since I enjoy talking to people on GW and some forums are less traveled than others. If you feel I violated GW policy by doing so and wish to stifle my verbosity, by all means report me, but I don't feel I did anything to warrant your dictatorial response. Had I posted on say, 5 forums I could see some merit to your opinion, but I didn't send out Spam so I don't know why you're concerning yourself over something trivial. Life's too short to worry about someone else taking up an extra sentence of bandwidth on a 2nd forum.

"don't worry - be happy"

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lvmygrdn(z7 MD)

I just posted a question in two forums looking for an answer to my question. I don't see anything wrong with it. To keep on the subject. I ordered this plant from Flower Scent Gardens and am looking forward to seeing for myself if the fragrance is as wonderful as some say. :-)

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blue_skink(z3 MB Cda)

Well, I know it was 2 years ago that you asked, by I grew Zaluzianskya once, and yes, it is a powerful, sweet fragrance - I would say the strongest fragrance of any flower I have ever grown in my garden.

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I have grown this plant many times. But never from seeds, my brother a biologist/botanist recommends starting in a flat on the soil surface, cover with very light powdery soil, just a pinch, and spray with distilled water.

I have started these from cuttings and that works well. They need to be kept well watered as they only bloom on new growth, and they get woody if kept dry.

The smell is big, very BIG , they only develop scent at night, but what a scent!
It is somewhat vanilla, somewhat fresh baked sugar cookies, and a little bit of Brugmansia X Candida.

They are available in 4 inch pots from Annies Annuals.

I am in Santa Cruz , California and they grow well in this coastal weather.

I think they would try to get woody on you faster in hotter areas, so part shade would be good.

HAVE FUN with this cute and rewarding lttle flower.

Here is a link that might be useful: midnight candy /night phlox

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So, I have grown some Night Phlox from seed over the last 6 months or so. Just a week or so ago it bloomed with a few tiny flowers. Before and after sun down, I smelled the flowers, but to my disappointment I smelled nothing at all. Is it possible that newly grown from seed plants don't have fragrance their first bloom? I have a sensitive nose and am very particular about smells, I can smell things that most people don't, so I was a bit curious if I maybe got the wrong seeds!

Is there a specific time when they smell the best?

Any ideas? Thanks.

PS I've double checked the seeds, and looked at pictures, I definitely have the right plant.

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