Planting my fuschia in the ground

NightFallnRose(4)May 15, 2005

I bought a "swingtime' fuschia basket from our local garden shop. Shes a big old bush 3' wide n bout 2' tall and she is just stunning. I was wondering if it would be better to plant her in the ground. Theres a nicely shaded area with some dapples of light that shine through in the back, would this be a good area to plant her? much thanks. Rosemarie

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tightathome(Yorks - UK)

Hi Rosemarie

The cultivar 'Swingtime', can grow quite big and make a good size plant, however as it produces a lot of long lax growth the weight of the blooms make it ideal as a hanging basket or hanging pot.

It is not therfore an ideal plant for putting straight into the ground as the blooms trail on the floor and would be spoilt and you wouldn't get the benefit of seeing them in their full glory.

Why not get a planter that will lift the pot off the floor and one that you could move around the yard until you find the best position. Alternatively buy a hanging pot and transfer the plant into this.

The position that you describe would seem to be a little too shaded, the plant would appreciate some shade but too much will not be beneficial and the plant would become 'drawn' and the color of the blooms would be badly affected.

It is a lovelly cultivar that has stood the test of time...

Hope this helps and post a pic to let everyone see how good it gets.


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