A Bird Nest In My Hanging Basket With My Fuchsias!

lenfocenter(Z6 SW Mo)May 26, 2004

Hey all,

I wanted to share a couple photos I took this morning with all of you.

A few weeks ago I purchased a couple hanging baskets that have a variety of flowers in them, but my favorites are some small compact fuchsias in the very center.

Well, a few days back I started noticing this little bird flying out of one of the baskets every time I came outside.

So I investigated and noticed two little eggs in a small nest. then yesterday I noticed three eggs and this morning there were FOUR little blue eggs in the nest!

I am so excited, yet also scared. What if I need to set the basket on the ground if a storm is coming? And also, with me coming and going all the time and her flying out from her nest each time, what are the chances of her abandoning her eggs?

The hanging basket is only a few feet from my door (I live on the second floor of an apartment building and that is the only entrance to my place).

If there is a good possibility she will wind up abandoning the nest, I'd rather that happen now than after the eggs hatch.

Sorry this is not a specific Fuchsia post, but I hoped it might be of interest to all.

Please be kind as I'm new here and if there is a forum where I can ask about such things more properly, a kind direction would be greatly appreciated!

Oh yeah, I do not know what Fuchsia is in the basket, so if anyone has an idea, please advise.

Many thanks!

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Great photos Lenfocenter. I have known people who have also had this happen in their hanging baskets. In the UK it's usually sparrows or wrens that do this.

There are many of these red and purple fuchsias so quite difficult to say which one it is for certain, might be 'Son of Thumb' but I'm not 100% sure.

Maybe someone in the Bird Forum can give you better advise re the nest, link below, Kath:)

Here is a link that might be useful: http://nature.gardenweb.com/forums/bird/

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Oh, what darling little eggs! And, a nice experience with nature....that is, if nothing bad happens to your plants, and the little bird eggs don't get abandoned! =)

Kathleen in TX

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lenfocenter(Z6 SW Mo)

Thanks Kath and Kathleen. I'd thought about setting up a live webcam to watch the fun as the babies hatch out, but for the moment I'm not sure if the attempt is worth the effort. I would have to run a cable about 25 feet from the nest to my computer (it runs 24/7 with a 24/7 highspeed connection). The thought is tempting however and since tomorrow is payday I may find myself looking for some quality cable and giving it a go.

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lenfocenter(Z6 SW Mo)

I just posted in the Bird Forum. Just for reference, here is a link to it so you can follow along if you like...

Here is a link that might be useful: A Bird Nest In My Hanging Basket Post

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Just FYI about 2 years ago some house finches built a nest in one of my hanging baskets. The eggs look much like the ones in your picture. Anyhow, I just left them alone. Of course, I had to water the plant, but I did so when the mother bird was away. Nonetheless, about 14 or 20 days after laying the eggs, the babies hatched. Within 2 weeks after that, the babies will all be gone.

Just enjoy the entire spectacle.

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I have some asparagus fern baskets in front of my house and I've had three nests this year so far. All were doves. I have to keep my arms down when I walk by them so they don't scare away.

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Recently, I purchased 2 hanging baskets filled with fuchias. Today, I noticed a small bird's nest with 5 small white eggs. Prior to today, I saw a small bird fly out of the basket when I approached to water the plant. This is amazing!

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