beating the winter blues

roseyd(6)February 11, 2013

Well, here it is - just survived the blizzard of 2013 - and, have been going through the blah's of not having any real fragrant plants in my apartment right now... so, I went shopping on sunday and got a few plants.

Every year I tell myself I'm not going to be tempted by mini- roses in the grocery stores that will last for a week or two and then get hit by mold ... but, this one! it's scented - and so pretty ... and I couldn't resist.

Ah, what's a girl to do but try one more time? :)

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and then I bought this gardenia... the mix between the gardenia scent and my new rose plant - it was very intoxicating scent to go to sleep with (since these two are both in my bedroom).

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and last - not scented - but I seem to have an attraction to flowers with the color purple in them...

Isn't she beautiful?

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and, last - because although Mike tried his best - he was told by the folks at the orchid show that fragrant orchids don't bloom or do well in the conditions I'd described as my office.

So I settled on this mid-light/indirect light houseplant - I think it's pink grass. :) at least that what I named her.

I brought her into the office on the train this morning, and some of her tips got frayed from being in my shoulder bag. I think she's pretty for being basic greenery though, and she should recover with a little TLC.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Beautiful rose, Rosey! Is there a tag with the name of the variety? I know Kemistry is always looking out for scented miniature roses. :)
Now I want to smell roses and gardenias.
You're lucky!


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no, sorry Robert, - as most of the department store variety minis go - no name attached - only that it's part of 'Victory Roses' which I think is the vendor.

YES, the scent of the gardenia - in the store - was a bit much - to many plants all together - and all in bloom - but, the one plant of each - yes, it's heavenly. :) Reminiscent of summer, but with 3 foot + piles of snow all over. :)

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

What's the flower in the 3rd pic? That looks like an orchid.

Here's to your winter blues. I had a LOL at this one. So cute:

Radish vs Lily Bulbs:

Lol. :D

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ye-up! that's an orchid. Even without Mike's 'help' I'm still getting myself in trouble buying orchids that weren't at the orchid show (but still- she's pretty...)

God, I'm here (work) later than I thought I'd be. I'm growing roots... ;)

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Rosey!!! I told you to wait until we go to Logee's at the end of next month! liol..

Listen, I was doing some research for you and I have yet to find an orchid that would do good in that kind of light!
But I do KNOW that a nice San's would do wonders if you want one and Wes actually brought you a nice plants too!

We shall hook upi soon:0-)

I LOVE the fragrant ons you got. I have never heard of a mini rose..Hummmm. It sounds so delicious and it's beautiful kiddo!

I wish I could of gone back to the orchid show yesterday, but I had to care for my dad and couldn't make it.
Now to tell the bad news to Wes since he was hoping I could get him an Cymbidium...But I called the seller there and they were out of those on the first day!

Happy night to you, and Robert, and Kemistry, thanks for the laugh. I loved


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OH MY GOD! now if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black... I shouldn't shop but wait to go to logees? ... while you go orchid shopping and ... where's the fairness in having me wait?

I was really getting depressed, having missed that show, and without any fragrant plants currently in bloom - so I'm happy to say that the new gardenia which was to strongly scented in the store - is really making me recover from these winter doldrums.

It can snow all it wants outside - that little bush in its 6.5" pot - has 5 blooms, and an equal number of buds just waiting to open.

Mike, indoor rose bushes - are really beautiful for a week or two - and then they go downhill. It's really hard to keep them from that white dusty mold from lack of air circulation. Last year, it was depressing to watch the bushes powder up and wither in the south facing window. This time around, I'm trying to see if there'll be better luck in the west window, with the plant light. The room is a bit cooler ... I can only hope that it'll help - but (regardless - I can't have to high expectations for her because so many have passed before her...)

Ok, so - I know I've heard the term SANS and that it's short for something - and probably a whole bunch of different somethings - what type of sans?

It's tempting to think that Wes brought me a plant... (he likes me, he really really likes me?) ... is it plastic? :D LOL. :)

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Sans is short for sansevieria (mother-in-law's tongue). I recently bought one in a hanging basket which I'm hoping is S. parva which is supposed to have flowers that are fragrant at night. :)


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Miniature roses are normally grown on their own root stock, so they're hardy quite far north. I've had a few, purchased for pennies on clearance, and I've planted them directly in the garden. They've done very well.

My favorite was a small plant with gorgeous red blooms and a nice rounded shrub shape. It thrived for about 5 years, then it suddenly went into decline and died for no reason I could find. But for that short period, it was literally covered with red blooms from spring to fall!

Very nice photos, Rosey!

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I don't know how I feel about sans inside... It looks like to masculine a plant... I tend to like delicate, plants, and from the pics ... Well, it looks pokey. :)

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Wait Rosey, are you telling me that this San's look to macho to you?
Take a look at the one I sent to Josh at the thread I'll post for you. It's towards the bottom:-)
I'm so tired, I would continue, but next time.

Hello Jodik..So good to see you.
Thank you Robert for that.

Rosey, scroll down to the post that Josh posted on Feb. 5 called the Bentels Sensation...
By the way, you might even love the whole thread and don't be afraid to say hello there:-)

Here is a link that might be useful: The San's I think that Rosey will like:-)

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Yes. Macho is a good description of that plant. And I just learned that my pink grass is a tree. So I'm now thinking a downsizing is needed to keep to that ledge size. Maybe violets? Lavender?

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so, I got a text message from one of my neighbors yesterday, that her Boyfriend (sheesh! eye-roll) - brought a snow-blower over to move some snow.

Low and behold - I arrive home yesterday and he'd moved the HUGE pile that faced the street (preventing on street parking) - and moved it ALL onto my rose bushes!

As if there wasn't enough snow there from the storm, the shovelled path in front of the house, and what had been cleaned off the stairs. There must be 6 feet of compacted snow on top of my bushes now. How will my roses survive that?!?

Will I have to plant all new bushes this year?

So I'm a bit P.O.'ed and I'm wondering if I should txt the neighbor that my return home yesterday - I wasn't thrilled with the boyfriend's decision to dump all the street's compacted snow on top of my flower beds.

If you can't tell, don't much like the guy. He's slimey and a cheat - and a real skin-crawl type ...

yet, she likes him. Go figure.

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What an idiot!

Rosey, you roses should be fine as long as that snow was not laden with salt from the street.

You know if it crushes them, at least they can grow back. Once you find out if the snow does have salt in it, and if it does, I would water your roses thoroughly as soon you see the ground appear.

If he is your neighbor long enough and knew your roses were there, he should of known better, but then again, he probably never noticed.

No hard feelings from you. It would do you no good while he hasn't got a clue and could care less.

I hope they come back kiddo. Talk about winter blues!


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So I texted her and said "I wish Bill hadnt decided to put a street full of compacted snow on my roses. Hevent they suffered enough without the added 3 feet?" ... and her response - UGH...

"had to go somewhere. No place to park or walk."

There's no onstreet parking right now - everyone on the street has PILES in what had been parking spaces.

He has been visiting the household for 6 or 7 years - He sees the flowers every day in summer - but, he's a jerk. He treats the building like we live in a barn - he doesn't close the front door behind him, and lets whatever warmth from the front hall out when he makes his daily sleeze sessions.

It's not his house, or his lawn. He's just there for the 'exercise'. at 5:30 - he's on the road home to his wife. I wish his work would realize that he spends more time on our street than he does at his job.

Anyway, I have a lot of GREAT neighbors - but she's not one of them.

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Will I have to plant all new bushes this year?

Depends on the type of rose and it's cultivar. Example I wouldn't even worry at all if someone piled snow ten feet high on a rugusa or a polyantha or a galica type rose.

In the rose world there are a few other types of hearty roses that I wouldn't even worry about. Why worry about snow being piled up on roses when I should thank the person who put it there
. Yes there are also a few roses if they had TWO feet of snow piled on them that may be of concern ( Did you notice that the garden center never told you this when you bought them ?) Sad as it is your roses are hit or miss , but if you made the right purchase and the right roses for your area the snow piled up on them did them roses a favor. No you don't have to thank the person who piled snow on them I wouldn't either.

The orchid show sales people assured Mike that he did have a challenge on his hands at picking you a flowering fragrant office plant at the show, At the same time they even made it real easy for me to remind him to not spend your money on ANYTHING that wouldn't perform as expected for you.
I've seen the shadows at the time you mentioned then.. After you showed the height just out of curiosity for your office Rosey is that Cambridge Park ?
In the office window Yes violets could work or chimera as well pick one up and give it a try.... 5-1-1 in ceramic SWC 7 drops of FP per liter of H2O.... Easy breezy but still a nemesis plant for some.

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Well, most of my roses are hybrids - let's see - here's a few (Blue Moon, Gene Boerner, Our little Secret (mini)) were the one's I planted last year. the other half dozen are between 3-5 years in the ground so they may be more hearty?

I don't know what chimera is - so I guess I have some research to do.

I'm in Kendall. Amazing you could tell that from a window shot. Most of Cambridge looks the same to me.

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Same as a violet in growth size and mostly the same for leaves coloring and shape selections, different coloring patterns and shape on flowers Most or some Chimeras flower cycle last longer and can flower more often And sometimes flowering can longer.

AV's Also a GW forum plant and a-lot of the ( all respect to them) "old schooled" fans of AV growing have growing them to the "science." ( I also hear AV's are on Mikes list of nemesis plants )

Somebody famous once wrote We shouldn't guild the Lily and they also wrote We don't need to add fragrance to the Violet..... Well they did add fragrance to a violet as of lately but these NEW and perhaps over hybridized in fragrances AV's would be difficult for most of us to find in the local area markets and garden centers of many.

Roses: Your older ones sound like they'll do fine the HT's hope is on your side but don't loose sleep over it .If you want to or need to replace suggest to do some home work seek and find anyone with good rose knowledge that could offer you good suggestions. Minis ..... Honestly IMO and this area they'd be gone sooner or later anyways.
In spit I've never grew a mini I didn't love it's just that I cant love them that long...yeah I replace some mini losses every three to four years,,, it's easy they're so darn flowery cute and some are so so small how could you not want them. In a word Ralph Moore I bow my head in prayer for MR MINI..

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