very sad looking fuchsia

macshack(z5 ny)May 31, 2004


I bought a fuschia at HD.. transplanted it from one hanging pot to another (the kind w/ the Coconut fiber linener).. hanging on a porch, with only early morning sun. well this guy is looking very sad and wilted. I don't know if I have watered to offen or too little. It's been day's now that it's looking wilted and sad. what do i do?

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melrt968(u.k. scotland)

You may have been too kind to your fuchsia. The compost should be moist not wet. Check the compost and if it too wet gently remove the plant from its container and repot in drier compost. You could also tent the plant in a polythene bag and see if the leaves become turgid again.

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Ron is quite right in respect of watering. A few other points to check,
(a) Is it an established plant?, sometimes nurseries plant young plants into a pot which really should have been grown on a bit more in a smaller pot, ie until the roots have filled that pot before being planted into a larger one.
(b) Does your porch have good air circulation? It's OK in an 'open' porch, but if it's to near the ceiling of same there won't be much air circulation - Kath:)

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macshack(z5 ny)

yes, tons of circulation. so, let me reiterate, the leaves have NOT dried up but look, maybe they aren't taking well to being transplanted. maybe this is the look of a sad/weepy fuschia? maybe I should replant into a lighter soil? thanks so much for everyones input, this has been a real quandry for me. should i post an pic?

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Yes Macshack,
It wold be interesting to see your plant - Kath:)

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hailah(z7 GA)

I am another newbie, but had a similar experience with mine (plus all the blossoms dropped off). It may be your porch just doesn't get enough light. Or, if droopiness happens in the afternoon when it's hot, try misting the plant if it doesn't need watering (soil is still moist). I spray mine at the end of the day when I come home if it's drooping a bit.

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'Lo, Macshack--I'm a newbie to fuchsia too, and had a big hanging plant under a covered porch. Kath--who is fuchsia brilliant =) --suggested that there wasn't enough air circulation when I posted that mine was looking wilty in an unhappy sort of way. Very similiar to yours, in reading your description. I moved it--and repotted in the coconut fiber pot for vanity (smile)--to a new spot under my southfacing crepe myrtle trees. Very light morning sun and afternoon shade. Almost woodland-type conditions. Airy and breezy. Result? No longer looking weepy, formed buds, and they're about to pop!! I'm so excited!!

Best of luck to you,

Kathleen in TX

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Well done Kathleen,
So glad that the different position solved your problem, and now for the flowers, Yippy - Kath:)

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