Ever Had Your Mangoes Bloom Twice?

brute(Florida 9B)April 21, 2013

This weird winter has tricked my fruit trees into blooming early. The mulberry produced some bland-tasting berries back in February. The lychee set fruit and quickly lost them about the same time, months ahead of schedule.
The mango bloomed and set fruit in January, just like it always does, but now it has bloomed and set fruit again.
This has never happened before. Which crop will turn out best? The January mangoes look kinda small and stunted.
Have any of you mango growers had this happen before?

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keiki(10 FL)

I have a large Hayden that has friut the size of your fist, some the size of a quater, some pea size and some blooms. It is a long extended bloom on my tree. Did yours actually stop and then rebloom or is it continual like mine? I love it as it makes for such a nice long season. What variety is your mango?

I agree the that this wierd winter affected plants. My peach trees are blooming for a second time which is good cause the first bloom produced very little fruit.

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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

Yep, in fact this is the very first time I have experienced this double dribble thing in 9 yrs of growing mango's.. I had it occur on two of my 6 trees, The Glenn ( early season mango - most pronounced flushes, a very healthy, robust tree ) and the larger Vallencia Pride, ( late season ). I hope the above pic of the Glenn comes thru showing the new flush at bottom and a few of the original mango's above. The original ones are now tennis ball size and the new flush has some that are almost marble size. Should be an interesting harvest..
My 1st Glenn fruiting was in mid Dec, then the 2nd flush showed up in late Feb. Since this is my first experience ( after growing these varieties for 9 yrs ), I cannot predict the taste of each crop.
Got to think we are fortunate,..sure, it sounds like the strange winter temps had something to do with it, but in general I think we are fortunate. Good luck !

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Yes, its happening to my Mango trees too...bloomed in January and very little to no fruit set from those blooms and has bloomed a second time and a few are blooming for the third time...VERY strange winter that caused this I'm guessing.

So far, the second or third blooms have a better fruit set than the first.

Though its hard to see the tiny fruits...I'll post a close up photo. This Cogshall mango has tiny fruits, Blooms and New growth all at the same time,lol...

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

This is happening on about 5 of my mango trees :o)

Now, I'm wondering what affect will this have on next year's crop? Seeing as some of these mangoes that would normally mature in June/July won't be ready till Sept.? possibly...very interesting to see if these late blooms will actually make it to full maturity?

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Happened with one of my trees (don't know what variety, it was here when I moved in and I have yet to get fruit off it even though it's a mature tree. It had severe freeze damage and then the winds have blown fruit off every year, grr...) The bloom from January lost all of its fruits in a windstorm, so I'm fortunate that MAYBE this year I can try the fruit.

Also, my Edward is just now blooming for the first time. Strange.

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Actually my 7 year old Glenn had THREE blooms this season. There are two nearly ripe ones remaining from the first bloom and none remain from the second. The last bloom about a month ago looks to be slightly less that usual.

The good news, my normal mango allergies this February were more sedated that usual; the bad, it has now come back to haunt me in April.

Good luck!

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This is happening in my neighborhood, too. All the mango trees have fruits, some full size and are blooming right now. Haven't seen this before. And there are a lot of fruits hanging on the trees.

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My namdocmai is blooming 2nd time on the one branch that is already holding fruit from first bloom.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

This has definitely been a very strange and unusual year for Mangoes...wish I knew what actually caused this phenomena? So many people have said they can't recall this happening before...

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