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cnslr81May 20, 2006

I discovered this Spring/Summer is the season of fuchsia experimenting for me. I have one fuchsia growing in a regular pot. A friend of mine gave just gave me one that is ready to become a bonsai. And lastly, I just planted a third fuchsia in an upside down pot (aka "down-under pot").

Has anyone grown a fuchsia in an upside down pot? How well do they grow in this setting? Any tips?


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crazyforcorelli(z5 utah)

I've never grown one in an upside-down pot myself. However, Goulding's "Fuchsias: The Complete Guide" (New ed.) has directions for growing fuchsias in a hanging bottle: the plant hangs out the bottom end of the bottle (which is, in turn, hanging from the neck). I therefore predict that if it works for a bottle, it will work for an upside-down pot.

By the way, according to Goulding, "Small-flowered types like 'La Campanella' or 'Zulu Qeen' tend to do best when planted in such oddities" like bottles (p. 62).

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