Osmanthus fragrans?? PLEASE

carmie2(Z5)February 12, 2005

Osmanthus fragrans - (Tea olive, fragrant olive, sweet olive).. Do all these plants have a Strong Fragrance?...Could you tell me what the scents would be?

Thank you for your time in advance!

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risingpower1(Essex, UK)

Very strong apricot scent, one of the most popular plants here. You can find out a lot more just by searching this forum.

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Smells like Henna to me. I have one and I like it! It needs shade this far south (sarasota)

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angelsmell(Fullerton, CA 1)

So far it's my my favorite scent of all my plants, I just had a huge flush on my 5 gallon plant, it is just such a wonderful fresh sweet apricot smell that fills my whole patio with it's luscious scent! Between that plant and my Michelia Alba and brugs I'm in frangrant cloud heaven! I just wish it bloomed all year.

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i have quite a few of these and they are truly my favorite shrub.

it smells like stewed apricots with vanilla syrup and worthy of a place in your garden.


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Oh yes, I've never met a sweet olive that I didn't like! The fragrance is so strong that if you have a good size bush you can smell it from a few yards away. It's never heavy or cloying but smells exactly like perfectly ripe, warm, fresh apricots. It's a deliciously fruity scent but oddly a few people I've met(DH is one) can't smell it at all, they really miss out on something wonderful.

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