it's surviving in near 100 degree weather!

eviestevie(8a Central TX)May 23, 2005

i am totally impressed with my fushia "display" (thanks again tight for the id). not only is it surviving in texas weather (the temps reached near 100 this week), it is blooming like crazy! i was afraid it would die in the heat, but so far so good. i have it in total shade in a pot on a 2nd fl balcony sitting on a humidity tray. the only sun it gets is the last 30 minutes of weak rays.

how are you other hot weather states doing with yours and what kind of fuchsia do you have?

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tightathome(Yorks - UK)

Well done,

So plesed to hear that you are getting enjoyment from your plant, you must have found an ideal position for it.

Don't forget to dead head the old flowers (removing the seed pods too) as this will help with the continuity of flowers. You also need to feed the plant (half strength high potash feed (tomato feed) every other watering and another good tip is to remember to give the pot a third of a turn every day to make sure that all part receive equal amounts of light and one side doesn't become 'drawn'.

Good growing.


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I am glad to hear your Fuchsia is surviving such high
temps. I live in Memphis and we get really hot humid Summers here. I got my first Fuchsias this Spring, and totally fell in love with them. I especially love the single flower coral red and Purple ones. I think they look
like Japanese Pagodas or Oriental Lanterns.
I was upset when I discovered they were cool temp loving
plants. I thought, well they won't survive our Summers.
I have mine in hanging baskets under covered patio. The
patio faces West, and the back yard is shaded by large Oak
trees. They get half a day filtered shade.
I water them either daily or at least every other. I give them half strength Miracle Grow about every week.
They are starting to slow down on the blooming. I thought
I would wait until end of June to cut back.
I understand that it takes about 3 months for them to
fillout with new growth after doing this. As they only bloom on new growth, I should have some flowers in September, when it begans to cool down.
I hope this works as I really love them so.

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eviestevie(8a Central TX)

did not know about the potash, but now that i do, i'm off to the store. i've been giving it fish emulsion, but i don't think that has a high potash count.

and good idea about turning the pot. i didn't think about that either :)

fernzilla, i did the same thing with my fuchsia. i didn't know it was a cool weather plant, but just fell in love with the blooms. after bringing it home, i started my research and was almost waiting for it to die once i found out. but it has been a real trooper. i wish you well with yours !

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frangipaniaz(z9 Az)

Well... I have a lot of difficulty with fuschias here (if anyone has advice)... It has been running 105-110 and the shade is almost too hot here... where did you find your humidity tray?? I think mine would benefit a lot from one of those...

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eviestevie(8a Central TX)

my humidity tray is really self made. i bought one of those water trays that go under containers several sizes big and then put gravel in it so the container sits on the gravel. it really does help i think

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frangipaniaz(z9 Az)

Ok thanks, my fuchsia is looking pretty good but a little wilted... I have to keep it out of the sun here but I'm having trouble with that... There is sun everywhere... I was originally placing it on a cinder block that was placed in my pond, but I don't think it is having the same effect...

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Clare(z6 MO)

A fuschia for heat? Wow, I'll have to look into this one. You say it is called "Display"?

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eviestevie(8a Central TX)

i don't know if mine was bred specifically to be heat tolerant, but it is surviving beautifully in my high 90's weather

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moonbug0511(z5 NH)

I live in NH and this is my first time with fuchsia. We have our two hanging baskets on our back deck, which gets morning sun till around 1pm or so. The last few days have been hot! near 90 and mine is doing well.

Mine was wilting a bit, and someone suggested plant food sticks that you get at the store for 2 or 3 dollars and you just drive them into the soil and it released the food over the course of 3 months or so.

Since I put those in the plants are doing GREAT! The wilting went away and they purked up.

Now when you say deadheading....what are the dark purple oval shaped things on the plant? Are those the beginning stages of the flowers or the ending? Do I take those off?

Also, this might be dumb to ask, but can Fuchsia be kept indoors during winter months?

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Yes Moonbug, remove them, they are the fruits of the fuchsia, inside are the seeds.

Remove dead of dying flowers (dead-heading), this will prevent the fruits forming and encourage new flower buds to develop.

Go to the link for overwintering fuchsias in pots - Kath :)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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bugerbare20(z8 AL, usa)


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So I picked up a fuchsia called "jingle bells" at Target since it was 1/2 price. It is in the middle of the hardiness grading supposedly "upright" grower. Our Target is pretty good about getting plants that have been grown in AZ and similar like zones. Now I know that this plant is not suited for this area, but reading your success stories have encouraged me. To keep this plant in pure shade & a bit cooler I though I'd hang it in my Ash or Birch tree. It would be exposed to wind but still protected some. It will also need to be wintered indoors as we do freeze. Would like to hear some thoughts from y'all.

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