My tiny fuchisa

photoshutterbugMay 3, 2007

I ordered a "hardy Fuchsia" from a catalog and it just arrived. I don't know what type its is except that it is Hardy for my area in Tennessee. I was really excited that i would be able to grow a fuchsia bush, but when i opened the package my little "bush" was an inch tall! What should i do to insure that it grows correctly. I put it in a 10in pot thinking it will have to spend a few years in it. SHould i pinch it back every so often to make it grow bushier? When should i expect to see my first blooms? THanks in Advance

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

There are others here that can answer your question better than me but here goes. Your one inch plant is just a rooted cutting, if it was mine, I would have it planted in a two inch pot, when the roots have filled that pot move it to the next larger size, keep on doing this until the roots fill a four inch pot, maybe even a six inch pot.
Planting your tiny fuchsia in such a large pot it will surely die from overwatering. Another thing I do when I have small plants in small pots especially when it gets warm is double pot them.Take your fuchsia in it's small pot and put it in the next size pot, fill the space under the small one and between the two pots with planting medium so the top of each pot is at the same level. This way you keep the roots cool. When your plant and root structure has reached a decent size you can plant it out. It's a good idea when planting out to dig a deep hole so that the crown of the plant is down four to six inches below soil level. If you are in a place where the ground is frozen in the winter the roots will be protected.
If I've missed anything I'm sure someone else will chime in. I just think you should get your fuchsia out of that big pot as soon as possible.

Hope this is of some help, A......

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Just me again, I was assuming your fuchsia was just a rooted cutting, if it is a plant with several or more shoots I" tall that's a different story. How big was the root ball when you planted it ?


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Sorry for the long delay. the root ball was about 2-3 inches around when i planted it. It has lots of little shoots comming from the bottom. In the past week or so it has grow quite a bit. I haven't seen any bud appear yet.


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Patience, if there are lots of shoots coming from the base, it's doing O.K. It will take time for these shoots to mature and flower. If you pinch the tips out to make the plant bushier it can delay flowering for another 8 or so weeks. If you still have it in a 10" pot make sure you don't over water it.


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