Have I got botrytis?

crazyforcorelli(z5 utah)May 10, 2007

Help! My fuchsia starts are dying!

The problems appears first in the larger leaves, which start to droop. They're also very silky and thin to the touch, without the level of stiffness/firmness characteristic of the leaves on healthy plants.

Next the stems start to droop. Ultimately, everything turns dry and crispy; then the plant dies.

I don't think the problem stems from either over- or under-watering. I've had starts come down with the problem in wet pots, as well as others develop the symptoms in dry ones. The same goes for light. Some victims were getting mostly shade; others had mostly sun.

My attempts as resuscitation have not been successful. I've removed the sickly starts from their original pots -- if only to prevent the problem from spreading -- and put them in others with different conditions. For example, if the soil of the original pot was wet, the new one was dryer; if the plant seem to be in an exposed location, the new pot went into a warmer, more sheltered spot; etc. Now I'm trying removing the large leaves when they first come down with the symptoms. Since the "disease" moves quickly, I'll probably be able to tell if this procedure helps by morning.

Any ideas what I've got? Most of the starts were purchased from the same grower (and at the same time). They also sat together (in close quarters) on the potting bench for a time, while I waited for the temperature to warm up.



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hi it doesnt seem like botrytis to me as you have a grey powdery dust on your compost i would say that your watering needs some carefull looking at but if your plants are keep packed together with poor air movment this will not help i open the green house every day except when its below freezing if only for an hour or so just to move the air around have you checked you compost for vine weval or dont you get them in your parts hope this helps

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