fig cuttings from spain

david126December 5, 2010

I have a USDA permit for importing fig cuttings from Spain. I am seeking nurseries, growers, hobbyists, etc. in Spain who would be willing to send me dormant cuttings. I will of course pay a reasonable price for the cuttings plus shipping, handling, phytosanitary cerifcate & any other administrative costs. I realize that some varieties of Spanish origin may already be available in North America. Nonetheless, I have the permit and am interested in sourcing different varieties from Spain. Assuming I have success with propagation, I would be willing to share cuttings after the post-entry quarantine period has passed (2 growing seasons). Thank you. David

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Try EU fig-expert Montserrant Pons;
off on Mallorca island, Spain
(where it rains in the plains)...

Here is a link that might be useful: Pons

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Here are two Spanish figs that Ray Given believes is worth trialing in the US:

Carabaseta: Clear green skin with light red pulp. Main crop. Very sweet and highly flavored. Dried, they have an especially good quality.

Roja: Reddish brown skin with amber pulp. Two crops. Both brebas and main crop are large and of very good quality. Main crop resists rain damage.

Good luck......


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