Gardenia ... drying tips?

roseyd(6)February 21, 2013

Ok, so, I bought a Gardenia bush a few weeks ago, with the idea that I needed something to get me through the winter doldrums. And, it was in bloom for 2 weeks...

I noticed last night, that the last 2 blooms are almost spent - and that the branches that had blooms on them, the leaves are all drying up and curling . .. so, not knowing anything about gardenias... seems I should ask - -

Am I supposed to be cutting back the branches when the flowers 'die'? (as one should with Roses)?

I've watered the plant so it doesn't feel like it should be a water issue - and the branches that had not had flowers seems all healthy. I'm wondering if this is an air circulation issue? I know indoor roses are finicky critters ... but are Gardenias like that too?

I trimmed back thosed dried branches, with the hope that if it was circulation related - or part of a dead-head type process - that I'd get it covered. But, am I going in the right direction treatment wise? or is there a bigger problem developing, that I need to be concerned with?

Advice greatly appreciated. And thanks offered in advance.


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Rosey, I can't help on gardenia, but it is good to see you. I am wondering where is everyone else? all buried under the snow??

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snow, and more snow coming! It was melting a bit last week - and now - we're back to 20 & 30 degree temps. -

I'm ready for spring.

I want to wear flouncy spring skirts in glorious, exuberant colors! and sandals! I'm exhausted of sweaters and winter coats, and the colors Black, Gray, and Brown! Why can't winter be a 2 week thing that comes and goes before ya know it?

Ok, I know I don't sound like a New Englander - but the last few years really spoiled me.

I guess I'm still in the doldrums - I need to buy another plant before that winter storm hits on Saturday.

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I need to buy FEW more and after buying a FEW more last week and a FEW more after the storm.

All this snow has weighted me down! Someone finally dug me out from my avalanche off my roof and I am still mending my frost bit toes...When will all this end?

Hello Rosey and Olympia..I think we are due for a visit to paradise land called Logee's next month!

As for your plant....Well, it all depends Rosey.
If it's root bound, which they usually are, make sure you are soaking it good between waterings and make sure it never goes to a wilt when dry.

Is there any way when you water it, you could take it to the sink and spray water all over it. leaves and all every time you have to water. It will take it thorugh the winter until you can give it fresh air.
It is going through a shock since it looked real nice when you bought it because it had porbably just arrived from a nursery and into your house before it could at the store, if that makes sense.
Just becareful not to over or under water at this time:-)


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I've got to be careful - all my plants are at the point they need pot upgrades and they're gonna be space restricted when I do this.

My impatiens - it's in bloom. Ever since I brought it home and put it under that lamp - well - it's gotten fuller, and ... it now has 3 pink flowers. Very pretty.

Mike, I doused the gardenia last night - spray hosed her and you were right, she was a lot drier than I thought she was - and her roots are not 100% bound yet - but that 6" pot will definitely need changing before the summer.

I hope the dousing was all it'll take to get her happy again.

I'm going to be so broke - I just mailed one of my cameras in for a full overhaul - and, I'm expecting it'll be expensive. But, what a camera! when I get it back it may start me back up into using film again. I'd forgotten what a beauty she was - 1950's, metal, and with german glass... can't compete with that for being stylish. :)

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Gee wizz by golly and Thanks for the 60's flash back Rosey I wonder if I can even remember how to load film into an older SLR.
This I do remember about older SLR's 35mm, film didn't get any less expensive to develop and replace if not focused and set right.

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Every camera is different. SLR... Maybe not, but I have a collection of rangefinders... That are true challenges. Yes film sure does add up fast. And I don't think of it as a roll a day not when developing costs are so high, on top of film costs. But it does teach one to slow down, think about light, film speed, depth of field... Digital makes most of us to lazy.

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One step digital camera is in a scene lazy and does offer nice pics Nice DSLRs are single shot programmable for all the familiar manual settings you mentioned including F- stops to shutter speed. It's rather nice to go from 100 ASA for one shot to 1600 on the second shot with out having to shot a whole roll of film..
You could even narrow down some nice office plants for yourself ... You still have a working old school photo light meter ?

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Several, and, the camera I sent in will have its meter tested for accuracy and fixed if it isn't. Don't get me wrong I love my Dslr. It does everything and easily, set it to program, or manual, or various other settings in between. And for low light scenarios, I agree that its hard to beat. But the other side of the coin is ... With the classics, you're forced to slow down or yes you waste a lot of film. But call me an antiquarian, I still think of film as the way to go for a day lit walk in the woods.

You know, I started with a k1000, and walks with dad back then were a time for bonding over the learning process. He shot with a Canon rangefinder the whole time I was growing up. I learned to appreciate that art shouldn't be easy, the eye, yes, the effort , not always. We appreciate our achievements when we work harder to win them.

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Evidently I don't water enough - I found another dry branch on Sunday - and, trimmed it down - then brought the bush to the sink to give it the spray watering. THe soil still felt moist - but, maybe those excess roots need more water than that? So I doused her, and good.

She's beginning to look less bush than when I'd bought her - but not bad. At this rate, If I keep having to trim like this - It might make sense that by the time it's warmer and I'm 'up-potting' her - I might instead trim down her roots and keep her where she is. Can one bonsai this type of gardenia? :)

Yes, I know - me and my bonsai questions.

And with the snow storm - saterday morning - I did buy a plant. (but not a fragrant one) - I found a cordyline frutosa? - quite a beauty - and so cheap! - Huge pot - 5 trees coming out of the dirt (and - about 3 feet tall) - all for $8.99. only reason I bought it - was the label for it - said under light requirements: Light that one would read by.

(How strange - I used to read in some pretty dark conditions - so thought this would be a good one for my apartment. (and it was marked to 35 degrees f.) - so for now - it's down in the lower landing sharing company with my rosemary bush. A nice west window - but chilly down there.

And come summer - I can bring it in and keep it in my East facing bedroom (which is usually pretty dim in there except the mornings...) but, I'd love to get a plant in there. And - I do read in some pretty dim environments.

So for all that Gardenia troubles continue, I've got a new (but not fragrant) beauty.

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Can one bonsai this type of gardenia?

In my thinking it sounds as though your indoor humidity is also playing a part in your gardenia difficulties

If you want to try your hand at some bonsai practice you could. Have fun with it.
I think you have a nice new plant, I try to stay clear of the multi colored foliage plants of many that require inside care to grow I find it challenging enough keeping up with variegated foliage let alone the forms.

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Yes, I try to add to the humidity by keeping a pot of water on top of the heater. and the fish tank that I'm constantly adding water to in the living room - and the fact that when I shower I leave the door open so that the steam can permiate the apartment instead of congregate in the bathroom ... yet, still - it's dry.

I thought the pot of water would be a good substitute for using a humidifier... but, I guess "not quite" ?

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Hey Rosey....

The fact is that because your plant is root bound and it is still very acative, until it starts to shut down due to a huge environmental change, it will need water often.

Once it starts to dislike it's change and stops growing until it get use to your care and likes the environment again, it will be less thirsty..Keep a close eye and it should be fine:_-)0)


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How big a pot do you think she'll need? she came in a 6.5".

Should I think to move her now if she's so unhappy?

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Hello Rosey!

I would most likely wait until spring before doing any major root work but for now just pot up about one size.

Maybe an 8 inch pot?

Don't pull or tug the roots, just pot up and then in the spring when it gets the best light, I would do a bit of root work and a total bare root.

I would just make sure you are watering enough. I would give it a nice shower all over in the shower or with the end sprayer in your sink.

Keep it in a sunny spot too.

Don't you just love gardenia's? :-)


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geepers, Mike. :) There's levels I will go to - but, I'm not showering with my gardenia bush. :D

The sink spray nozzle should be good enough. So I sprayed her again this morning. Just to get her leaves wet - her dirt seemed moist enough. But, now that I've started worrying about the dry effect off my air-space - I've got to figure out whether it's the soil that keeps the leaves from drying or if I'm supposed to be misting her and how regularly.

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Hey Rosey and why not shower with it? lol
It just might do a whole lot better for

Ok, listen, there is no need to mist it for humidity and in fact if you do often, it could cause the buds to drop of disease.

What I would do is just shower it when you water and maybe place it on a bed of pebbles in a deep saucer, the kind they sell at home depot.
They really don't need humidity to thrive but more so sun while indoors. The more sun the better.

Humidity is a plus, but not need.

It might look kind of blah by the time you put in outside, but at least keep it alive.
They hate indoors no matter what you do and open fresh air outside always gives them a kick start or even in moving air circulated greenhouses.

Just keep a close eye for spider mites and under or over watering until winter is over and you will have a beauty for years to come like mines do.

Many have a nice days to you:-)


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Mikey, what kinda' girl do you take me for - it's enough that I share my bedroom with her.

I like my showers hot, and I'm not going to start taking cold showers to appease a plant.

But, this makes me wonder what levels of sacrifice you're making for yours. :D

(oh, and so far - no mites on the gardenia)

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Don't laugh! My shower is big enough for me and about 6 of my plants...

At one time I had terrible success with my gardenias, in particular my largest one. So I decided to leave in the corner of my tub a few times as I showered, and it did very Those were the good ole days until I stopped and months later it died..

Ok, I no longer have to do that, but I still stick them in the tub, by themselves and give them alone a good shower as the steam from the warm water fills the air and leave them in their for hours until the next morning when it's time to stick them back in a sunny window.


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That must make for some interesting conversations when you have house guests. :)

"ah...hem.... did you know that you have six plants in your shower?"

"well, yes - that's how I water them."

"uh... were you expecting us to water them too?"

"Well, not unless you want to. If you stand in that tiny spot right in the middle of the shower, you don't have to worry about the plants. ... Oh... and avoid the one at the back with the thorns."

"Well, thank you for inviting us ... but, I forgot to tell you - we'd reserved a spot at the hotel down the street... "

"OH? but why? ... was it the plants?"

"Oh, no! ... it's not you... I mean your plants. we just wanted to have access to the gym and spa facilities."

:) ie, and ... minus the thorny back-side ... :D

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I loved reading your post. you are truly a brave person trying to grow a gardenia inside your house in the winter. i did that for a couple years when I used to live in PA, and I almost went insane with it. Now I just grow them outside and don't have to fuss over them anymore.
But I went and bought a Grand Duke of Tuscany jasmine, which is exactly like a gardenia and I have to bring the darn thing inside for the winter, and now I have it all over again. LOL!
I would put that gardenia right next to your fish tank!
If there is any way you could put a light on it somehow, or very near it, it will be fine.
Don't change the pot size any time soon. Gardenias love to be root bound. honest.
I understand what you are going through, but it truly will love your fish tank. I jsut rooted a cutting from my Grand Duke in water next to my daughters frogs and it is growing like a weed.
Mike, nice to see you are doing great. Have you had much snow this winter yet? We do'nt get much down here, if at all.
i can't wait til the weather breaks, I hate the winter with a passion.
Keep warm, both of you, and mabey that groundhog was right and we will all get an early spring this year.

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Oh Butterfly, it wasn't bravery. It was the desire to see and smell flowers during our snow season - that made me do it. That, and market basket had a sale that weekend on them - and there was a whole table full - all beautiful and flower filled.

Got the gardenia's under a plant light - 12 hours + a day, and with whatever natural light that comes in through the west window too. Im sure she'd get better light from the south window room with the fish tank - but that's the hotter room since the heater in there. (and I keep my Jasmines in that south room... and the orchids ... and the aloes, and ... guess there's a little competition on who gets that real-estate.) ... :)

And it's raining - yeah! 3 days of rain??? ... this is where I get my zone 6 while Wes and Mike have their zone 5. - it pays to be closer to the ocean - somehow the "boston" area seems to luck out when it comes to missing most of the snow (usually) ... Mike's probably getting his 6+ inches to shovel today.

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Butterfly, so good to see you too:-)

We had one HUGE storm of about 2 and a half feet and then little ones here and there. We got off to a late start thank God. NOw the sun is warmer and I am feeling spring! I hope the lottle ground hog was

You and a Duke jasmine? Oh, That is one plant I kill every time, even harder than a gardenia! My best Asian friend has one for 5 years and it was 3 feet tall! It did finally..She was soooo upset!
Please. visit more often:-)

Rosey, yes it bravery....Believe us!! lol. YOu were just caught up in the moments, but if you had given it some thought, you would of chickened out..ol
You should of see the ones at Mahoneys' the other day..Beautiful !!! It took 2 hours of walking around with one in my hand before I chickened out and put it

By the way, I had a good laugh! lololol They say conversations with your plants help them


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Some people blame the devil ... but, around this forum - I think most of us can say "Mike made me do it."

It's not courage to buy plants that will die in a few weeks because we can't get thier habits figured out before they wither away. - no not courage - more like stupidity.

My rose bush of 3 weeks - is basically dying as we speak. from about day 4 on - she has gotten progressively worse - losing her leaves like she's ready for winter - despite the fact that she's under a daily plant light and in 65 - 70 degree temps. I know she needs to be transplanted. her 3 inch pot - couldn't fit one plant, never mind the 5 they squeezed in there.

And, I suspect she needs a blowing fan - but, we're talking my bedroom here - and who wants a blowing fan in their bedroom during winter?

No - last year I'd said I wouldn't do it - and yet - it was stupidity that I tried again. 4 years of watching these seasonal attempts at mini roses indoors - and I should know better.

So - yes, I blame Mike. Hell - he talks to his plants and he probably blames them for his sinful ways - but, since I don't hear any strange voices out of my greenery - well, you know it's Mike that makes us do it. ;)

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Your a funny lady that's for sure.. Your greenery might be a little more silent. It seems strange but plants do talk and they will talk loudly to ANYONE who can hear them.

If I remember correctly you said it was the more lively rose that said to you " Take me home I only cost 5.99 " and then you also heard a gardenia s it spoke to you saying " Grow me to cure your late winter fragrant blues if you dare ! "

Don't worry to much about it, somebody knew the rose was doomed the day you bought it home. You where listening to the louder rose as it was deafening the sounds of a human voice.

Is the best teacher the one of experience ? Or is it how the sun will shine again, but you just don't know on what day ?

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Yes, Wes - Make myself giggle all the time. I'm good like that. ;)

You realize ... you think those plants are talking to you - that's Mike - he's shopping somewhere nearby - and throwing voices so that you think the plant's saying take me home... Look around and you'll see him hiding behind one of the tables filled with (probably gardenia bushes, or orchids) ... yup... that's Mike... He's got us all covered. Travels at light speed around the country making sure all his fragrant buddies are regularly splurging in several plants at a time. He picks a leaf, crumples it - sneezes - and instantaneously flies to the next state in time to reach us all at moments of shopping "yes or no?" ... The power of a sneeze - better than santa's sleigh. ;)

It's amazing he can keep up with all of us - but that's why we only see him on here so irregularly. He's probably been to Cali and CT, and Florida, and Ohio, and ... multiple times a week. He's got us all covered.

Yup, it's all Mike. Wes, so what plants did you bring home this week? :D

Yes, he was there. LOL. :D

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OH should I?... why not. :D

A step further - so what happens during allergy season is sneeze transportation. But at Christmas - his plants all morph into midget elves while he ages about 60 years, grows a significant portion of white facial hair, packs on a few pounds - and ... don't ask me where he keeps the reindeer ... they may actually be flying cats instead (stories seem to get mixed up over time).

and, the sleigh? ... well, he's upgraded. I think his newest ride has 4 wheel drive for the really tough snow-covered roofs. ;)

Ok - the story with the elves - and the plant morphing process ... well, plants in the year round process are a lot cheaper to feed. (and you don't have to remember their names.)

Aren't you lucky I have strange flights of fancy? If I bottled it - it could be a drug. :)

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I bought more than one plant two weeks ago that cost me ...... .... Unfortunately it was a plant less week from me until this upcoming Friday

For effect: I am in dire need of some certain pots for the plants I purchased two weeks ago.

I can assure you Mike and his amazing plant sneeze ability has absolutely no effects on me this time.

To test his LACK of effective sneeze effects on me: If he should know EXACTLY what I need pots for then I would do a weeeeeeeeee bit more than agree with your plant buying weakness.

What weeeeeee bit more would I do besides agree with your plant buying weakness, if you ask.

They're already paid for but I'd still let you pay for the pots that are ready to be picked up, then Id' drive forty miles in some predetermined direction nearing the R.I. border just to see a center show case potted plant in it's full glory flowering.

Trust me sneeze loudly if he may this plant buying sneeze power you speak of still wont put it on the for sale list.

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Good pot can be expensive... nothing to sneeze over. :D

I think that's why we see so little of Toni these days. All her plants have become so big, and hubby won't let her invest in any more 2 foot pots - to move in and out of the house.

Why can't 4 inch plants - grow but stay in 4 inch pots? :) I really don't know how I'm going to upgrade all these 4 and 5 inch pots to 8 -12" sizes and be able to fit them all ...

So, yes - Mike's sneeze visits tempt me quite a bit to buy more - and, I've visited the logee website (yesterday) - and there's plants I want... that's him saying this, right? ... no... I really don't know where I'll put more plants unless I keep to the medium light ones and stick them at the office.

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Why can't 4 inch plants - grow but stay in 4 inch pots
The power of the sneeze also makes roots grow too.

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You have to get another one, get me, I smell soooooooo gooooooooooooodddddddddddddd................zooooooom

I'll be baaaaaaccccccckkkkk

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Wes, you want that orange Easter cactus at logees. I'm sure of it! Everybody loves the color orange. And it sure is a beauty.

After you get that, your holiday plant assortment will be complete. :)

There surely is no other place near the ri border even worth the drive effort. Shame we can't all just sneeze our way there. What pot are you getting?

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Rosey..You see? You can't blame me for your spending habits and addictions!!lol

I just flew by here before you posted and you didn't hear a thing I said...That just goes to show you that when you hear plants talking, it's them and not me..hahah

Wes, yes, so what gives pal?

You need pots? Tell me, I can probably hook you up with a few once we foe to Logee's..Are we still one everyone?

Everyone, what is the best Saturday, Sunday, or Tuesday to go? I am open for any of these days.
We could meet up early in the a.m and grab thier most prime fragrant plants before they sell them all to the public come spring.
They are not even shipping yet. We still have time to get the best before they run out. I have 3 in


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I repotted my aloe plant today, and what had once been one crowded pot is now 4 pots. I need more mix/ dirt. I need more pots. I need more sunny Windows. And I need to research and buy fertilizer... Need, need, need... And it felt like spring today.

Tuesday shopping is not part of my vocabulary. Sat or Sun... Definitely.

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Saturday 03/09 ? if so is a good time for me
Rosey: Cant help you with windows but I have a couple modestly sized pots I'll bring for you to look at and keep if wanted. I'm also a short drive from any fertilizer you want

Easy enough isn't it ?

Not as easy for Mike If Mike needs K-neem he'll have to post a pic of a bag of dry stall first LOL LOL LOL and maybe he'll remember to bring it too.

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Amazing - I'm being tempted by pot and fertilizer offers. :)

I do want to see this logees first hand - and I do want an orange easter cactus to complete my holiday assortment. Although, I have the idea that the orange easter cactus could survive my office instead of stuffing another plant under a plant light at home.

Yes, I think saturday would work - this one, or next. Mike, do you have any preferences?

I'm bringing my l'il Rex begonia to work today so that I can free up a window spot for one of those aloes.

Wes, do you like Aloe? I've got some babies I'm giving away if your interested in succulents. Mike, you have the same offer too - I've got 3 pots of them - so any other friends come with us to logees can fight over these if there's interest.

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A very kind offer Rosey. They're not my favorite in the succulent dept. but I like Aloe. I tend too gravitate toward the " not so common" in the succulent area.
Your generous offer wont go to waste Aloe pups would be good for a raffle plus I'm certain I know someone would take it off my hands if I already have the same if the pups where not claimed at raffle.

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Well, if you want some more succulent babies options- I have some 'non-cactus' euphorbia that need potting (they're currently rooting in little candle jars) - don't know what it is with me - a bit breaks off - and I push it in dirt. I have about 3 of those, too - who'd love a well lit window sill and some kindness; if you can find them homes. :)

hmmmm... if I free up enough space on my sill, maybe I can buy a fragrent plant for my apartment? :) ...

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ok, Wes, I just looked at that link for the fertilizers - JEESH! so many!!!!

I think I need some liquid poo for my outside flower beds, some iron - for my inside plants - I remember someone saying I should treat my jasmine plants with some iron to make them more green... and, ... I saw there was a bag of acid stuff - so I probably need that for my gardenias.??? so, what is a plant food to use for my flowering plants? can it be the same plant food as the succulents? or do I need different types?

And, should I be considering that all that snow melting on my flower beds (with the added road salt) - that I'll have to find a way to desalt the soil in my flower beds?
Is there a product for that?

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This Saturday works perfect for me too.

Lets' meet near Wes area or you and I could meet near where I live and ride together to meet up with Wes, and then he could drive us in.

Or you could follow me to meet Wes, then we can ride in with him.

E-mail me and we can work out the details or call me before Saturday Rosey and Wes.

Thank you Rosey! I would like one.
By the way Wes, I have something for you!


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Roses.....I'd rather save you the money no need to feed if any lost from winter We will have to talk about these but I'll pick up some fish poo with iron for your outside.

I saw there was a bag of acid stuff - so I probably need that for my gardenias. I'll get back to you on this idea First I have to stop laughing

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Flash back to high school and the silly left handed smokers sorry bout that.

I got the general idea for your fert. needs I'll get a good all in one for some/most and something different for the rest

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did I step in anything? am I un-wittingly spreading poo anywhere? I really like that liquid poo idea - the complexity of poo - wonder how they do it? ... do they just put manure in a bottle, add water and shake? :)

Wes, I'll leave the fertilizer master-planning up to you - Just tell me what I need and I'll defer to your understanding of poo, acid, and ... well, I'm sure you've got experience with all these things so you can lead from your many years of experience in the field. Just tell me what I need, and I'll come with my checkbook or card to transact accordingly.

Mikey, first weekend in March - better not attempt to compete with Easter weekend; that'd be a whole other set of difficulties to planning - don't ya think? :)

So that said - I know where your street is - Not so sure I can find western MA where Wes is. So, I'll meet you near you (or at your place) depending if you trust me not to come with various sharp implements to steal your plants while you're sneeze tripping to various parts of the country.

I'll drive your way, you drive his way, and let Wes tell us both if he wants to car-pool or not? I'm sure I'll be the life of the party - But - depending on if you two are high caffeine types - you may not be able to handle my bubbly nature without prepping. :) Road trip? :)

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My understanding of fish poo it's origin and bi products:
Nothing goes to waste from inside the net to the closed to public market docks.

First they gadah find them ( hence the phrase " It's called fishing not catching !" )but after caught they skin the pollock and quickly freeing the white flesh from the bones the white flesh is soon to become frozen fish cakes and sticks ( ewwww) They also grind the bones down to become fish meal.
For the fish poo they also stem to a boil the skin, innards, eyes and brain of more than 350 tons of innocent Baltic Sea pollock. The pollock eggs of an avg 40 tons or more are separated during the skinning phase for a different market where it is processed for fake crab.

Back on topic (kind of) All poos aren't considered by many of us for use as a fert and shouldn't be sought for the "fragrance quality" they posses inside the home. Might be best if used outside. If in a container growing enviro. that's a different can of worms per say

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I've been hesitant to use fish products, and other poos in my home - not only for my sake, but I think my cats would be upset.

Yes, it would be nice to have a fertilizer that could be used indoors too.

Why are the fish poo - a mix of fish parts? isn't Poo, poo? when did poo become fish skin?

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