Thunbergia mysorensis

garyfla_gw(10 Florida)April 3, 2014

Anybody growing this " Indian clock vine"? I planted this in a pot on the outside of the shadehouse where it was supposed to grow to the roof and provide shade . Does that BUT also wanders . How do you grow yours ?? Obviously needs to hang to display the spectacular flowers.
When you prune it just wanders off in another direction rather than bushing out . Guess ruthless pruning is the only answer?? Thanks gary

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I planted it once but didn't have luck with it, so I'll be watching your progress with it. I'd love to see a photo if you can.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Hi Gary,

I have Blue Boy, Blue Glory or Clock Vine (Thunbergia battiscombei) but no experience with Indian Clock Vine. I looked at photos in Google Images and it is really pretty!

Carol in Jax

Here is a link that might be useful: Thunbergia mysorensis

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I have the mysorensis and it is really pathetic. At first it was doing really well but then it started sulking (this was during the summer) I moved it to different areas and it still sulked. I then started noticing that when I didn't water it with our well water (sulfur) that it did better. If it rained a lot it would grow and when I watered with our well water it started dying back again.
I water our Blue Clock Vine with well water and it goes crazy so I dunno.. I am not sure if it will make it this year it really declined in the gh over the winter. I seem to have a few plants that react to our well water this way.

So Gary yours planted in a pot, what kind of soil? I am guessing it gets full sun since you are trying to use it to shade something else? I am trying to figure out what to do with mine if I can get it to bounce back..

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I had this plant a few years back - in the ground, am sun only and watered occasionally. It did beautifully growing up on the arbor. I never pruned it, just trained it up.Then the freeze in 2009 killed it.
I would love to try again.
You might look at - they are a wonderful nursery and will answer any questions online - they sell this plant.
BTW - about clock vines - they will grow without any care whatsoever and take over the world! Although related to the mysonrenis, the care is different.
Good luck and enjoy the spectacular blooms!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

The pot is a 24 inch cube . Don't remeber what kind of soil I used but the mysorensis grew very slowly so added a split leaf philo, blue pea vine , and an epi cactus . Naturally all decided to grow lol I always start vines in pots because
I learned that most of them try to eat the house and can be a real bear to remove?? Anyway the mysorensis has been very slow until two years ago has spread over the roof area but tends to grow in a straight line .When you prune the tip rather than bush out it starts in another direction. It very weakly twines has no tendrils so wind often relocates it . The flower stocks this year are over two feet in length which means you can't walk through the shadehouse it also attracts bees and wasps lol
Where it has grown up the trees the flowers are hidden .Obviosly it must be grown where it can hang but would need a 20 foot neight to get under it .
It has an incredible ability to reach out have one area right now that is over 6 feet and hasn't fallen.!!
Certainly is beautiful though the colors are not so much
brownish maroon and a muddy yellow . no aroma that I can detect. it is serving the intended function but beginning to be too much lol
I'm dismantling the shadehouse so may modify for this vine but it needs a lot more height which is NOT going to happen lol Anyway thanks for the help!! gary

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keiki(10 FL)

I had this vine and loved the way it looked on my arbor but I removed it because I just didn't care for the flowers. It is nothing like the pictures you see online with a beautiful large yellow throat. Mine was only in the ground for a couple years so it didn't eat the house which is right beside the arbor. The vine looked neater than any other vine I have on an arbor.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Tend to agree with you about the color . But flowering habit is nice does not eat the house and is pest free.
I tried both of the gorgeous Jade vines several years ago
but had the worst habit of all They died lol gary

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Have you tried the Rangoon Creeper vine? I have the double Rangoon Creeper and the fragrance is amazing! I find that it blooms very nicely. It also comes back from the root in my zone 9a which was a surprise for me. Mine do seem to go dormant here but not sure if they would in your zone. I have 5 of these vines one planted in the ground outside. Several in pots and one planted in the ground inside the gh. All go dormant or freeze back but return in spring.. I do keep my gh heated at bare minimum above freezing though. It is a creeper so needs some direction.

The Hawaiian Bell vine is also a strong grower and flowers freely. It has big leaves and will go 30 ft easily here. Very tender so goes in the gh here but might do okay in zn 10. It is a twiner.

Another neat vine that I got last year and did great in the gh is the Aristolochia gigantea 'brasiliensis' . It has a huge flower and flowers a lot. Those are 22 inch long brugmansia blooms (Miss Emily McKenzie) beside this pipe vine flower (for comparison). Gets 20+ ft easily here. Twines up and over everything.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Vines are my faborite growth habit I think I've planted and removed almost every vine known to man lol Runaway biggest problem has been too much growth .
At present I'm growing the I clock vine, 4 queens wreath mandavillea split leaf and gloriosum philo,pothos blue pea vine carolina jasmine ,vining begonia and lady fingers lol My entire lot is only 75x100 Seems like plenty?? lol gary
my entire lot is only 75x100

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Gary, I am with you, I am growing more then 20 vines in all. Some with more woody stems I made into trees like the Easter Lily vine. With vines it takes a lot of pruning to do that though. I also have a lot of trees, like the royal poincianna I grew from seed that is 30 feet tall now. And a lot of bromeliads. Ricky started me on crotons too. I have two dreadlocks trained to be small trees by my front door. In short I have a lot of plants.

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eric_9b(z9b Orlando)

Thunbergia mysorensis is a bit tricky to get established. It is fast growing but not as rampant as other Thunbergia.

There is another vine, Thunbergia coccinea, that is often mistakenly sold as T. mysorensis. It is a very fast and aggressive grower. The flowers are a red-orange and not as showy.

We have both at Leu Gardens;

Thunbergia mysorensis

Thunbergia coccinea

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That Indian clock vine is really unusual. I have the thunbergia mysorensis and it has grown up the TV antennae. I don't watch TV, but really should cut it back in case of bad weather and possibly bringing the antennae down.

Right now I have a photo of the blooms as the header picture on my blog. Link below. I love the blooms. Also picture with this post.


Here is a link that might be useful: FlowerLady's Musings

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Hi FlowerLady, haven't heard from you in awhile, how are you?

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

feel certain i have mysorensis . Planted it on my shadehouse to provide shade which it does but tends to wander lol Find that if I cut a vine rather than bush out will wander off in another direction lol. Very weak twining habit and has no tendrils so serves the purpose very well.
This year the flower heads are in excess of 3 feet long and display beautifully except you can't walk under it lol
Since I'm converting the SH to an arbor think I'll keep it
as it shows far better hanging . Where it has climbed trees the flowers are hidden. and they don't develop properly.. Guess the answer is to remove all that are not in the right area??, If so how can I make it denser??
Flower lady The blue clock vine has a much different growth habit when you prune it will grow in all directions lol Will eat the house with half a chance lol Way too much maintenence for me lol The mysorensis is far more restrained lol
Two vines I've wanted to grow but had no luck with are the green and red jade vines Are you growing these??
Worlds most beautiful in my opinion!! gary

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I made a mistake, I have the Thunbergia grandiflora. DUH! I think the mysorensis is striking, but somehow not right for my gardens, colors I think.

Gary you are right about the blue grandiflora growing every which way and taking over everything in sight. It is almost too much to handle but I love those blooms.

Sultry Jasmine Night ~ I love all three of your vine blooms, they are amazing and I'm all for anything that has a wonderful scent. Did you grow them from seed? If not, where did you get them?

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

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Oh my gosh Gary ~ I just looked up the jade vines and they are beautiful!!

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Hi Kathy ~ I am getting along. It's been 16 months, really rough at first but I'm doing better. God has been my strength and I am starting to get back into gardening more and needlework too. Thanks for asking.


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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Hi FlowerLady, I get my vines from all over the place. Sometimes I grow them from seed usually morning glories or moon vines etc are from seed. Others I get from trading cuttings or buying them. One of my favorite places to get vines is from zone9tropicals because I usually get big vines on trellises from them.

Like you, I love good fragrance. I haven't counted all my vines but I really have a ton of them. It is a good way to grow stuff and save space or just add height or color & texture at a higher/eye level in the garden.
The vine that has been smelling up my yard big time right now is the Jasminum polyanthum aka Pink Jasmine Vine. It really is a powerhouse of fragrance after dark. Although it is also fragrant during the day, once the sun goes down it goes nuts lol. Hardy down to zn 8, it is a twiner but mostly only flowers in spring, which is the only downside. I think I got this at Home Depot.

Jasminum polyanthum aka pink jasmine

Close up of flower and pink buds

I have also grown the green and red jade vines. I found the green a little easier to grow but haven't got flowers. If I kept my greenhouse up all year around, I would just plant it in the ground inside like a GW member in Gainesville used to do and they had good success. I take my gh's down during the growing season though so I have more sunny areas in my yard to grow stuff. I killed the red jade vine so I guess I get a few more chances with that one lol !

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

eric_9b, thank you for providing that explanation of the differences between the two vines of mysorensis and coccinea. I didn't realize there were two such similar looking red and yellow Thunbergia.
I think I will try the T. mysorensis again.

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SJN ~ I love your pink jasmine.

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I found this video from Logees Greenhouse that shows their Jade Vines blooming inside their greenhouse. They have them planted in the ground inside the gh. They are way north of us (CT) sooo if they can do it.... lol They said it took them a couple yrs to get enough growth to bloom.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jade Vine

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Nicolette Tiedemann

Can anybody give me a baby or cutting of that plant please?
Have lots of other tropicals to trade, see my trade plants or just drop me a line! Steiffparadise@

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

guess you're referring to the mysorensis?? have never tried to root it,still trying to figure out how to manage it lol
Hasn't rooted where it touches the ground and the growing tips are VERY thin with leaves over a foot apart.
Where it has invaded the shadehouse it reached accross 8 feet of space with no support!!
I could try a cutting but where to take it??
I got the original from gardinos. gary

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