Would fig wood be good for smoking meat?

wertach zone 7-B SCDecember 31, 2012

I've just done some heavy trimming of my huge fig tree. And I have about 1/2 truckload of 6 plus inch logs cut in to firewood lengths.

I know that most fruit and nut trees are excellent for smoking meat, I love apple and peach for smoking.

I am kinda thinking about smoking meat with it after it dries out over the winter.

Anyone tried it?

However, since figs have latex, which I'm not allergic to, is it OK?

Does it give a good flavor?

Or should I just give it to a friend to put in his wood stove?

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Good question. If no one answers, then there is only one way to find out. Let us know how it goes, hmmm...fig smoked fish and poultry sounds appetizing.

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Hi, wertach:

With that much fig cuttings and if the type of the fig
is of excellent taste and productive, you can offer
them on eBay!

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Thanks for the suggestion fignewbies. But I don't know the actual variety of the tree, so it would be a hard sell. I have offered the cuttings for a SASE on another post and I'm getting a lot of questions that I can't answer.

All I know is they are dark brown or purple with light red pulp. And they are real sweet.

They look like the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brown Turkey

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I sent you an email about some cuttings, I'm interested. As for the subject on this thread, I would say yes. I have collected larger edible fig branches while in California. I dried them (6 months) and have used the straight sticks for broom handles (I'm a broom maker) I whittled the ends to prepare them for my craft and the smell was delightful! It smelled kinda fruity. I would bet that the dried twigs or even better chipped pieces would be excellent for smoking meats. Being from Wisconsin I would be interested to see what kind of flavor would be had with fig smoked cheese. Fig smoked gouda...yum.
Good Luck!
-Little John

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Your Figs looks like my Chicago Hardy tree figs.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


Yep you can use fig wood for smoking but it imparts a very mild flavor.

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There's plenty of data out there to indicate that fig wood in a smoker imparts a mild flavor to meats.

Here is a link that might be useful: Search: fig wood in smoker

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Thank you very much mrclint, I had already saw those results though. I trust the fig people on here is why I asked.

I have the wood drying in the barn now, It will probably be about 3 months before it is dry enough.

I bought 3 Boston butts while they were on sale for new years day and froze them. When the wood is dry enough I'm gonna be smokin! LOL

I'll post the results!

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wertach zone 7-B SC

The results are in!

I smoked some pork ribs with the fig wood Sunday.

As mentioned by mrclint and bamboo_rabbit. It had a very mild smoke flavor

It had a touch of sweetness in the aroma but no sweetness in the taste.

I'll have to get some more Boston butts to try. The ones that I bought while on sale and froze ended up being smoked with hickory wood for St. Paddies day! LOL

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