Fushcia size and best planting position

jodie1June 11, 2008

Last year I had a beautiful fushcia in my hanging basket, so when I saw some on offer the other day, I bought them. I have what are all described as bush fushcia, and their individual names are Iced Champagne, Dark eyes and Display. In order to determine the best place to plant them, can anyone give me an idea of their size on maturity? Secondly, are they more suitable for pots, hanging baskets or the garden? Thirdly, can they cope with partial or full sun in the day? Any comments would be great and I'm sure I'll be back for more!! Thank you.

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rita_h(PNW 8b)

Dark Eyes (double red/purple) is a trailing type and suitable for a hanging basket. Iced Champagne (double pale pink) and Display (single red/pink) are upright types and normally grown in pots but can be grown in baskets hung low.

Size at maturity varies with culture and branching habit, but usually 2-4 seedlings will fill a 12" pot nicely. Well-grown plants can be typically 12-24" wide, 12-36" long or tall.

Amount of sun depends on where you live, but most fuchsias take partial sun/shade, and some newer hybrids and species can take full sun.

There's tons of info available online -- try googling Fuchsia. A good site to start from is listed below...

Here is a link that might be useful: Example fuchsia site

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hi im sorry i dont agree with rita dark eyes is a bush fuchsia which i have in a perment bed in my garden its not atrue hardey but i live on the coast and it comes up every year iced champagne is also a bush but is not hardey it could sit in a pot but would need some shade and of course would need to be put away in the winter months display is hardey and can say in the garden all year round all three of these plants will grow aprox 18 24 inches in hieght and spread about the same i hope this helps hopr ive not upset rita

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rita_h(PNW 8b)

No prob, dave... it's a discussion site after all, so all constructive feedback is good. I could've sworn I had Dark Eyes a few years ago in a hanging basket and it was a trailer... It's also on the fuchsia site above as a trailing type?

That Iced Champage sure is pretty -- I want one, now!

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hi rita h ive double checked the books and dark eyes comes up as a bush i think that across the atlantic a lot of the names have got in a muddle when im in texas some of the plants that i know from the uk are completly diffarent there its a pity that this happens the thing is dark eyes is an amrican plant raised by erickson in 1958 may be it is more week in the usa so it tends to go down insted of up interesting ive just found a book which ststes that dark eyes is a trailing plant well i recon we are both right dont you keep on growing davew

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Dark Eyes is classed as a bush or lax upright BUT Dark Eyes is also grown in hanging baskets as are a lot of the bush types, they make very nice all round baskets but don't trail to the extent of the true trailers. It is one of the more popular baskets sold around my area. A lot of the bush or upright types can make decent baskets by using weights.

Depending on where you live some of the Fuchsias not really classed as hardy come through just fine if planted correctly, the link below shows how to do this. It's a matter of keeping the roots below the frost level.

Here is a link that might be useful: Planting a Hardy

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hi aftermidnight thanks for your input i didnt know that you would use dark eyes in that way i mite just try it out just for fun you are right about correct planting i leave all my plants in the ground all year round i just pull the soil up over the crown and in the sring up they pop one thing i will say is if its not a true hardy they take about three weeks longer than the real hardies to flower i have used weights on standards to make them cascade more but to be honisted it didnt work for me do you have many fuchsia your self i have a garden full of them ive been hooked since the seventies i love this time of year all the societies have there shows with some realy good plants on display you should look on the web at all the fuchsia clubs in thk uk it will keep happy for hours keep growing dave

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Dave, I had as many as 350 different varieties of Fuchsias at one time but that was back in the 80's now I'm at about 150 give or take a few, I'm trying to downsize to 100 but not having much luck LOL. I have about 50 or so in hanging baskets the rest are in pots, these are not grown into show specimens I don't have the space to do this but like to keep as many of the varieties going as I can being they seem to have dropped from favor in recent years and some of the varieties are hard to find. No standards at present but have had them in the past. I did standards both with trailing and bush types. I only have a couple of hardys in the ground at present but have a few in pots ready to be planted out this year. I've been trying to find The last checklist of Leo Boullemier's, the 91 edition, I know it's out of print, but if you know of anyone who wants to sell their copy, send me an Email :o).

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