Petit Negri same as Violette de Bordeaux?

loneroc1December 12, 2012

Hi all,

I have a plant of Petit Negri I got from Edible Landscaping 10+ years ago. It seems awfully similar to Violette de Bordeaux based on written descriptions, although I have not seen a live VdeB. (I've also read speculation that PN is a sport of Alma.) What to believe!

I have five potted figs to plant in my new greenhouse and have room for a couple others. If PN and VdeB are different it seems like VdeB would be a good, compact choice. Any thoughts out there?

Steve H. SW WI USA

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Edible Landscaping told me the same thing. Both are the same variety.

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I don't think Petit Negri and VDB are the same.
VDB is considered close to Negronne than to Petit Negri (but not necessarily the same)
There is speculation that Petit Negri could be sport of Alma.

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