Fuschia care in a temperate climate

desertratnquitoJune 21, 2009

Saludos a todos! I live in Quito, Ecuador and bought my first fuchsia last fall; now I need a little advice on fertilizing/pruning it in this city of eternal spring. Although our elevation is roughly 2850m (9300'), our location on the Equator keeps the temps moderate year round, with exactly 12 hours of daylight every day. Temps range from 8-10C(45-50F)at night to 20-22C(68-72F)during the day year-round. We have two seasons--rainy and dry (we are currently in dry, though with some showers).

The fuchsia's blooms are now spent and the foliage sparse. I checked the FAQs and understand HOW to prune, but am not sure WHEN since we have no seasons. I'm guessing now, as it's done blooming? Since it doesn't need overwintering, I would like to get it blooming again, so: bright room exposure? shady side of the terrace? I've kept it inside for the color so far. Thanks for your advice; please feel free to add anything else I should know for this climate.

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My place is next to the Equator too but I am on sea level so my climate is on the hot side. Like yours we only have hot and rainy seasons while the temperature is quite constant at 28C to 34C.

The flowers grow on new shoots, so I guess you can prune it now to encourage new growths and therefore more blooms.

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