Never Again

garden_grammie(SE Pa.)June 25, 2006

I doubt I will ever purchase another Fushia. It was so beautiful and then so ugly. They are way too tempermental and expensive. Trying to figure out what was wrong was a pain in the tail. From now on it will be the old standbys for me. It was too sad to see it just steadily go down hill. I tried to do all that everyone posted but.....ARGHHH . My gardens are so beautiful and lush. I always thought I had a green thumb, but not with a Fushia. God bless you who have the patience with that plant.

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Im so sorry to hear this. if you ever change your mind, there are some work horse, easy care ones that would do well in any situation. "June Bride" is one of these. i am sure there are others in your local. I dont think every one is as easy as the next. some grow no mater what I do, and others I cn never over winter. when I was at a yard and garden show in the spring I was talking to one of the local fuschia society folks, they seemed nice. I guess If I were you and I changed My mind, Id look them up on line and see if you could go to a meeting and "Pick thier Brains" about which one would work best in your specific setting. these can be so rewarding, but we do each loose some sometimes.

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garden grammy I UNDERSTAND !! I have tryed 3 of those things and ALL THREE HAVE DIED!!!

I'm jealous to hear how lush your garden is my garden looks ok but NOTHING to call LUSH!!!

Good Luck, Judy

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I always say "never again" with fuchsia, but every year they are blooming so beautiful in the garden centers. I end up with at least one. This year I bought 2 in May. I keep them on my (roof) covered front porch. They are always thirsty and will wilt if not provided enough water. I water them even when they don't look like they need water. They haven't bloomed as beautifully as they did when I bought them. I've feed a few times with 20-20-20 and they have a few blooms... My next trial is feeding with rose food or a bloom booster and feeding more often. It's been over 100 degrees here for the past couple weeks and I've managed to have only 1 wilting episode, so I'm trying different and more often feeding.... Love those blooms..

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crazyforcorelli(z5 utah)

I feed mine with a bloom booster once a week, and they do beautifully. TheyÂll never be at their peak in 100-degree weather, though. But come September ....

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garasaki(z5 IA)

I think the bloom booster is the key. You want to be giving them something with a high P number (NPK) ie 10-50-10 and I was told by a local nursery that you want to be feeding them almost every watering that way.

This is my first year with Fushia and I'm having fair luck. There has been a MARKED increase in blooms since switching my fertilizer methods, even in the really hot humid weather we've been having here.

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