Spanish Broom in Argentina!!

julian(BA Argentina)February 10, 2005

Hi everybody!!

I'm writing from Argentina, so sorry for my crap English..jeje.

I'm trying to grow Spanish Broom (Spartium junceum). I collected the seeds from its seapods during my holidays in Patagonia last month, and I have difficulties in germinating them. I've scarificated them and water entered the seed but I don't know if this proccedure is right. Please.. Can you give me some advices? How long do they take in sprouting?

Thanks a lot and congratulations for this forum!!

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Sounds like you did everything right in preparing them -- are you keeping them warm -- about 80F even at night time -- and always moist, but not wet? that might speed up germination. Good luck, I've heard this one has a great scent!


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