Maria Landy

An33June 16, 2012

I bought an "Aretes Upright Maria Landy Fuchsia" and tried looking for info about it online... I have never had so much trouble finding good, concise, detailed info on something.

All I've found out is it is a tropical perennial, cannot receive direct sun, cannot dry out between waterings, and it blooms all year, continuously. I live in Zone 5 so I most likely won't get it to bloom that much unless it won't mind being in a window over the winter.

So does ANYONE know about this flower? How do I get it to push out new blooms? Just dead-head? & cut the stem down? Tell me everything you know.

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actually never mind. i just realized i should just search "Fuchsia flower care"

but feel free to tell me some things, especially stuff concerning re-bloom.

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